Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!

and Me
The Vollenhals
Christmas 2008

I thought I would post this morning our Holiday picture for the year. I usually take this picturte myself, but this year I opted for a professional. My friend Jason from Munfy Productions
took us to a cool location and started shooting. It was a lot of fun and my son Austin, far right, was the biggest ham of all. I will post more after the Holiday because there are many more to see.

Well, I am outta here due to shipping, painting, and shopping. Have a great day! Marnie

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rocket Dog Scores

So you might say this is a little over the top, but a certain customer, along with her football loving son will totally disagree. This painting is a custom piece that was commissioned from the Gallery ART251. And the lucky boy who this is for, well, I think it's a Christmas present...and I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog. I think he will love it and hope his mom does too. I actually had a tough time with this one, probably because my boys are football crazy and I wanted to make sure it was going to be loved by it's fan.
So..I brought in the judges(my boys). After a few negative comments and suggestions, in turn I added....fixed and then brought them back again. They LOVED it! Yea!

I am finishing up a few more commissions this week and through the weekend. Come Monday, I will not be painting for an entire WEEK! Did you hear that Dear..I have to make sure I tell my husband that...and I'm sure I'll get a hug and kiss as well.
My break is over and it's back to painting. I'll post again Friday(cross your fingers) on another commission I've been working on. Have a great day! Marnie

Friday, December 12, 2008

Excuse this busy Artist!

Annie the Boxer

The Dog Family (at least that's what I titled it)

Excuse me for being absent this week, but I have been swamped in biz. And as I've said in the past, painting, shipping, and my kids come before blogging. I am barely awake right now due to extremely late nights this week. I think I'm even on my third cup of coffee this morning...which I have never done before. I didn't even exercise this week I've been so busy. Ok.. I've said enough about what I've been doing and why I haven't been around.
Well, above are some more custom dog paintings that I have been working on. These were both painted on 8x10"s and turned out fabulous. I can't wait for the owners to see them in person.
I don't mean to post and run today but I am working on more custom pieces for clients. I'll post more next week and OH GOTTA go pool man is here to fix something! Marnie

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Handmade for You

Lately I have been creating a ton of custom pieces for clients on ETSY and around town. Above is Lucy, who I really enjoyed painting. Her owner, Yancey, sent me some photos in which then I created this. She loved it, and I think I really captured her. So, if you'd love me to create a little illustration of your dog on a canvas or ornament let me know. today is filled with delivering some art to the gallery ART251. They are featuring an artist tonight, it's not me. But they are in need of some more Hawk the dog...of course. Don't mean to blog and run. Marnie

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I forgot to mention but a couple of weeks ago, COOL MOM PICKS featured me on their blog. I was part of the holiday promotions. Kristen, Liz, and Mir find the coolest stuff on the planet for babies and kids. And well, let's just say they love Hawk! Thanks ladies.

16 November

Deck your halls all year long

Talk about getting a bang for your nursery decor buck: The whimsical set of mini hand-painted artwork is not just wall art, it's a whole set of ornaments. Personally, I'd hang them in the baby's room, but sneak them out to the tree every December so that the whole house can enjoy them.

This whimsical critters are hand painted on eco-friendly wood from artist Marnie Vollenhals of J. Austin Ryan. I love her existing motley assortment of characters and colors, but she'll customize them for you for a small additional fee. If you don't want the whole set, you can buy them individually as well. I'm partial to Little Mouse on Guitar, myself.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving! Austin said it was his best ever, and I'd have to agree. I hosted this year for the first time and it really was not that bad. I started preparing the day before so that I wasn't a crazy lady the day of. I have always been the type to use items around my home for decorating and even outside since I love to garden. The boys and I collected, trim branches, and picked flowers out side for our decor, it was fun. Of course, a little rock throwing came into play, BOYS! So here are some photos.

We made some desserts in the morning. Chocolate covered Oreo's with sprinkles, the boys made. And I made a chocolate cake with a turkey on top. My boys aren't big fans of pumpkin pie, so I made this for them. It was the hit of the night actually. I didn't take photos of any other food because by the time it came out of the oven it was in our bellies.:>)
Like I said, we pulled greens from the yard to add in the decorating.I even added cranberries to the vases with little orange flowers from my yard, they looked so pretty. Austin and Ryan helped out with this.
Well, I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as we did. And no, my kids are not drinking wine, it's sparkling apple cider. Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind, especially with the rock fight in the yard. It's back to reality today, work! Have a great day. Marnie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The photo above is a painting I created about 2 weeks ago. It lasted about a day on my Etsy! The title of it is " The Giant Feast ". So, I'm wishing everyone a Happy Giant Feast tomorrow.
I'm hosting this year at my house so the boys and I have been preparing all day, that's why I've been a little absent today. We've been baking and making homemade decorations. We have also been collecting fall foliage from outside, such as branches and leaves, to decorate as well. I really have done this on a budget and because I'm a green freak! I'll try to take some pictures for all to see. I'll be back next week because my husband is banning me from my computer for the rest of the weekend. Of course, I'll sneak in a few times.
Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving to Charity

At least twice a month I give to local and nationwide charities that usually involve children. And with the local, I usually attend. But, between football and sick kids, this time I was absent. Over the weekend an organization, known as Rotary, got together and put on a silent auction to raise funds to build another medical clinic in Nicaragua. The clinic is for children and their families to receive the medical treatments that they all need. It's a great cause and I've been donating my art for the past couple of years. And, it feels great to know that I was apart of it. I even get my boys involved when charity comes around. I always show them what I'm donating and always ask one of them to wrap it up for me. Because of it, they have become more understanding of what goes on in other parts of the world.
So above is a print, along with the frame, of what I donated. It's titled "Happy Day". I heard it did fantastic at the event, let's just say their were bids on it before it hit the table. LOVE that! Way to go Hawk. Well, I have a son home sick AGAIN and I'm doing custom orders today and shipping and ....oh you know...EVERYTHING! Have a wonderful day. Marnie V.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Munfy Photography

After my post yesterday, Jason Munford from Munfy Photography, was sweet to tell me my horrible photos were yet fabulous. Oh Jason...they don't compare to yours. But thank you for making me feel professional for a second. So he sent over some of his that he took of Ryan. I am only posting one because you have to go to is site to see the rest. Go to online ordering and view the Panther photos. I am going to order some myself. I love what he does to these photos, and with his unique style they're fun to look at.
Well, I'm to take a run this morning to get some exercise before the big turkey day. Marnie V.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are going to the SUPER BOWL!

It's Sunday morning, coffee in hand, and I'm blogging. I don't usually come on this blog bragging about my boys athleticism but my silence has to be broken for this. My son Ryan, who is 11, is a stud at football. Or maybe I should say ROCK STAR according to my friend Mel. He plays a few different positions depending on the plays. Running back, tight end, wide receiver, and maybe a few others. He averages at least 2 or more touchdowns a game...HONESTLY! But to be even more honest, his entire team plays just as well. Their coaches Pat and Donovan, who we love, have brought a team together like no other. These boys have formed the most amazing bond and love for these coaches.
So back to Ryan. Ryan honestly has something here. My husband and I have been watching him and his moves. It will take at least three people to tackle him down. My husband always asks him before the game, " How many people will it take to bring you down?" And Ryan says, " At least twelve Dad." We watch him in amazement though, when he drives through a line and the other team is hanging on him but he keeps going. It actually is hilarious at times. His legs don't stop moving and that is the key.
It's pretty normal for someone on the other team to come over and tell him what a great job he did. I even had the commissioner tell me that the board talks about Ryan. And that's when I knew my thoughts about how talented he was really came into focus. But what he has, came from his hard work.
Ryan practices all the time as well. Everyday after school Ryan , Austin , and I go outside and throw at least 500 passes, between all three of us. then I turn into Quarterback Mom and Ryan will tell me his plays and I will throw. He never misses a catch. Well, maybe one. All three of my boys also get together with the over 20 kids that live on my street, and they play football every day. Most of the boys play high school and middle school ball. So Ryan has been getting a lot of practice. He loves how well he is doing and he knows that practice makes perfect! He's not perfect don't think I'm a snob. But even my son Austin, who has been working on his catching this year, is awesome now too. I truly believe in getting your kids outside and working on things that will in return make them a better player. It will also boost their confidence. Ryan is in the white pants.
So, like I said they made it through the finals and are going to the super bowl! They play in 2 weeks and I will definitely keep you posted on the results. I don't have great pictures, but to see more great pictures go to this site. Jacob Munford, who is are Star Tackler on the team, his dad Jason Munford, is an amazing photographer. Please go check out his work. And look for the Panthers in black. Well, today is claimed as GETTING READY FOR TURKEY DAY. Cleaning house, a little grocery shopping, playing football, and watching football. Happy Sunday! Marnie V.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Day

Oh what a Happy Day it is here in Texas. It's about 50 degrees, but the sun is out..yeah! So above is my new painting, well, it was new and lasted only 2 hours on ETSY before it sold. LOVE that! But, now it's available in print. I think what inspired me is the carefree spirit of animals when they are running around. And I honestly believe they think they are having a Happy Day. Plus I think the colors I chose for this piece are Happy too. It even looks so cute in a frame.

And like any typical day that I have, work. I am creating new pieces this week so don't forget to check the shop often. I'm finally getting caught up on paper work thanks to my son Ryan, who is great at filing receipts and shipped orders. My kids love this business stuff, plus I've mentioned prior that my oldest Jake is great at invoicing my stores. Ok...enough is enough and it's work time. Have a happy day! Marnie V.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Balancing Act

Honestly...this is me. Trying to balance all of my duties everyday. And, to be quite honest, this is how I feel most days. I'm not perfect, for any of you who remotely thought at the least that I was. I don't always get things done on my list, but of course I do eventually. I'm actually a little behind on my schedule of getting things done as of right now. But, I'm slowly accomplishing things in my everyday life, and my nuts haven't fallen to the ground just quite yet.
So I'll be honest again, this little painting was also inspired by the little squirrels that run around my yard all day long collecting nuts for the winter. They are so funny to watch and find myself watching them for minutes on end instead of working. Sometimes I have to close my blinds so I get my work done.
It's time to get back to balancing my day and getting 3/4th's of my list done, hopefully!
Have a great day! Marnie

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Featured on Tangled and True

button up!

Just giving a little shout out and thank you to Brittany over at Tangled and True for doing a little bragging about Hawk! Go check out her blog. She is an amazing writer and finds the coolest stuff on the planet kids, babies, home, and lifestyle.

Custom Art with Hawk

It's 8:40 am, GIANT cup of coffee in my hand, and I'm finally at the computer. My day is filled with work! To be point blank. I'll be on the computer most of the morning gathering info of my products for a new online store...YEAH! That wants my Art. YEAH again! And my oldest son Jacob is getting braces today. I am still amazed at how big he has gotten and how proud we are of him. He just finished a successful season of football, which he rocked at, gets fantastic grades, and has started a bit of charity work. Love him.
So, now on to Hawk. The photo above is a custom little painting I did through the Gallery ART251. The customer wanted Hawk giving Gabby a rose. What a great idea she had to create such a beautiful design. And the finished product I gave is simply lovely. I may just have to do a little painting of something similar.

And a little up date on the little Chiwawa. The owner Kim emailed me yesterday and told me her boys wanted to meet the artist who painted a picture of their dog. I immediately had tears in my eyes and thought how cool those boys are for wanting to meet the artist. So, I went over to meet them yesterday and they are so sweet. They thanked me and told me His name, which is SKIPPY. And told me how he smiled exactly how I painted him. I was so touched and really felt like I had done something good. I do charity work all the time, but this was definitely different.

Well, my coffee already needs a refill and I have to accomplish a few things before I pull my son out for his have a great day.-Marnie V.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember Little Me

Remember Little Me for being so cute
for being courageous and brave
Remember Little Me for loving my family
for treats and such
Remember Little Me for sitting on laps
for warmth and love
Remember Little Me as an explorer
for meeting creatures and bugs
Just Remember Little Me

Little me is a little Chiwawa that I witnessed get hit by a car today. I was walking with Hawk home, from taking Austin to school, when a little Chiwawa came running across the street. He was struck by a truck instantly. I think his idea was to come over to see Hawk, then tragedy struck. I immediately went to him in the street with Hawk by my side. He was still breathing, but didn't have any tags. Thankfully his owner came around the corner to find him with me.
And sweet Hawk, being so smart, instantly new what had happened. He sat down next to the little dog and seemed very sad. He just looked at the little dog like he wanted to help him in some way, I love Hawk for that. And I will never forget the look on his face.
I helped the woman bring the dog to her car and she took him to our neighborhood pet hospital.
Hawk and I then started walking home. A cold breeze was in the air with the morning sun shining bright and Hawk was definitely in a different kind of mood. All I could think about is how important these little creatures are to us. How much love they bring into our lives. I wished I had asked for Little Me's name, but at the time I didn't even think about it. So with all of this in mind, I returned home and instantly was inspired to paint a little portrait of Little Me. I thought the family would love a painting of their sweet dog and so I would have a memory of him as well.
So I leave this blog today with heartfelt love to his family who will never forget him.
I'm off with Hawk to deliver this gift with love.-Marnie V.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello everyone...It's been a sickly last few days in my house hold. My oldest son Jacob caught the stomach bug, which in turn, delayed some major creativity time for myself. So today being Wednesday, he's back in school, feeling great, and I'm behind. Let's just say, being a mom...things like this happen everyday. And, I'll be running around like a crazy person all day trying to get everything accomplished for my Dallas Show that starts tomorrow.
And please go check my ETSY shop to see the new mini wood art I have that can also be used as ornaments for the Holiday's. They are so cute. You can purchase the set or individually.
So, I'll be off the blog through the rest of this week because of my last show of the year. Ok...I'm exiting now so I can accomplish much of my duties today and not be overwhelmed when my boys come home. Have a great week! Marnie
showroom# 8701-50
8th floor Kids World Studio
World Trade Center Building
Dallas, Texas

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dallas Show This Week

My days are completely full of work and preparing for a Dallas show at the end of this week. This is the last show of the year and I am hoping it's a great turn out....with the economy and all. But, I am definitely keeping my spirits high that it will be great. I will post Wednesday with some new art that I will be introducing to my stores.
And besides having a show this week, I have gotten some more contract illustration work that needs to get done as well. I have highly considered looking into cloning myself.
Well, I don't mean to keep it short today, but I have so much to do. Have a great day-Marnie

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello everyone! So for the past couple of weeks I've been thinking of a way to offer a fantastic deal this holiday season. I was first thinking of doing a giveaway once a week, but I am stretched for time on most days. Then I often notice that many artists do the buy 2 get 1 free. Well, i wanted to offer something better, especially since everyone are watching their dollars.
So, here it is. Spend $15 dollars or more in my Etsy shop and get 1 print for free. Yes, that's it, what a deal!
Just go to my shop, spend at least $15 or more, and tell me in the note to seller which print you want for free.

But it's only good from now until November 17th. These little paintings will make the perfect holiday gift, especially if you've never given art before. Limit one time per customer.
From now through NOVEMBER 17th!


Have a great weekend. Marnie V.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decorating and a day of Rest!

Hello! I took a couple days off this week to revamp my creative spirit. I have been going and going these past couple of weeks with no down time in between. Painting, business duties, and my boys have definitely caught up with me in an overwhelming way. So, I decided Monday night that I would take a couple of days for myself.
It was perfect. I did a little house work, not much, my house is pretty tidy all the time. My husband and I are neat freaks. And, I finished decorating the rest of my house for Halloween. So what do you think?

My boys, of course think it's not scary enough, I told them little children won't want to come up to the door if it's too scary. I have a little graveyard, tons of spooky spiders, and a giant web on the front of my home.

I even purchased this little rat cage with three rats in it and bloody bones. It's so disgusting! But my boys love it.

With these two days off of simply checking emails only, i feel completely recharged and ready to jump in again. With the business of course. I have so much to do, especially with a show coming up next week. Well, have a great day and don't mean to run, the two days I took off made me a little behind in my schedule. Marnie

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Creative Week

Being creative as an artist can most definitely come and go in certain amounts. Meaning, an artist can be creative everyday, but maybe more one day than another. And today, Monday, I am feeling extra creative. And for good reason, in being I have a trade show in a couple of weeks in Dallas. I will be introducing a new safari line to my stores in which I will post next week.
I am also creating more with my Hawk the Dog series, which I sell on my ETSY shop.
Well, like I said, I need to get back to being extra creative today and don't forget to check my shop everyday for new items.
Marnie V.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Hectic life of an Artist

Yes...I'm alive and well. I thought that was a first good sentence to describe my absence from this blog. I have been very busy filling orders, creating, shipping, and taking care of my three wonderful boys. I would definitely have to say that my three boys are the main reason. It has been a very busy school year for us so far. As i have mentioned before, my boys are also in football. I know some of you are probably thinking..yeah..big deal. Well, here is my typical day schedule.

1.Get up at 5am and make tons of COFFEE!
2.Wake up my oldest son Jacob at 5:30am to go to football practice. He's in 7th grade and in Texas they compete in the schools, just like High School. They have to be dressed and on the field by 7am.
3.Wake up Ryan my middle son to get ready for school.
4. Make lunches
5. Jacob gets picked up at 6:20am...we carpool.
6. Wake up Austin, my youngest. Get the boys fed.
7. Ryan leaves to walk to the bus stop at 6:50am.
8. Austin and I walk to school.
9. I then come home and either go to the gym or go for a run.
10. Come home and shower and have more coffee in the back yard with my husband. We talk about the previous and that days events.
11. I usually do a little house work.
12. Then by 9:30am I am in the studio until 3pm. I paint, ship, computer stuff, etc. Lately i have been painting and shipping a lot.
13. At 3:10 Ryan and Austin are home.
14. HOMEWORK! I usually make dinner during this time and have it ready.
15. Jacob comes home at 4:30...bless his strong soul. He is gone from 6:20am-4:30pm.
16. Football practice for the other two from 5pm-7:30pm, but I don't get home until 8:15pm.
17. We come home and they shower, eat more food, then read books, and then it's off to bed by 9:30pm.
18. I will either crawl into bed at that time or I'll crawl into the studio and force myself to accomplish something.
I'm a little exhausted that I just shared that and I am just starting my day. I think I need more coffee! Well, I have many new things on Etsy so go check them out.
Have a great day! Marnie

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Art Up

Hello...what's it been about a week since I've been on this blog. Well, I've been busy creating and doing a lot of side contract work for clients. I'm also in a hurry today because I honestly have so much to accomplish today but wanted to tell you about my new works on ETSY.
Above is titled "Hawk wants a Gumball." I love it, and it's so cute. I think it would even look great in a kitchen next to the pantry.

This one I love. "This is for you Hawk." A little squirrel sharing his snack. I love the background color on this one. I am having so much fun with all of these little paintings that I've created, and I hope you all are enjoying them as well.
Well..Enjoy your day and wish I could stay on here longer today but I have deadlines!
Have a great day.-Marnie V.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rocket Dog Discovers the Universe

What a week. It went by so fast and I can't believe it's Friday. And I promised to blog everyday and didn't. Maybe I'll shoot for that goal next week. Well, I have some new art going to the gallery ART251. It's called "Rocket Dog Discovers the Universe". I think it turned out really well.
If you want it click HERE to contact the gallery. You better act fast though, they have been selling out of all my Rocket Dogs..which is awesome, love that.

I have also been adding a lot more items to my ETSY shop and I keep promising to add things to my other site, but I have just been very busy filling orders. But I haven't forgotten and it will get done. I have a lot going on with some changes as well so please stay tuned.
This is one of my new paintings that literally lasted an hour on Etsy before it sold. So I decided to make another which is pictured below. This time I added a cute little rabbit. Please go to my site to see the rest. I have also added some pocket mirrors that were made by an artist on ETSY named Timssally.
She does custom work with mrrors, magnets, etc. Go check her she site out, she has some great items as well. And she does a great job at that. Thanks again Timssally.
Well I'm off to deliver more art to the gallery, then to UPS, then to Home Depot to buy black widow spider killer spray, and then back to the studio to paint. Then my three boys will be coming home to make sure I killed the spider. Honestly that is my top priority today according to my son Austin. Have a great weekend. Marnie V.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Football, Football, and more Football

So I've been a little absent from the blog lately, but I have an excuse. Managing three boys with football these days is quite overwhelming along with growing this business that I've started. Football is constantly on my mind. And why shouldn't it be, six days a week is the schedule. Yes, six days. Sunday is our only day of rest..oh wait the pros play that day...TV all day.
I even went for a three mile run this morning, I'm a die hard runner, and instead of thinking about what I need to accomplish with my business, I thought about football. I thought about how my son Ryan, who plays running back for his team, has a scrimmage today. I was even running his plays that he has had to learn through my head...that is so sad.
I have come to the conclusion that I love football, love to watch my boys play it, and to see how much they enjoy it. My son Austin, who is pictured above, can't get enough of it.
Well, on to business news. I have many things going on that I will start posting about tomorrow. I am really going to try to start posting every day. I think I might have to do it at night though because I am so tied with my morning routine. So please check back this week for news, I have much to tell. I'm off to start my day of work with shipping orders, painting, and thinking about football...can't forget about that! Have a great day!-Marnie V.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Featured in IndulgeDFW

*click on this bar above to view*
Hey everyone...just sending out a shout about a write up on me in IndulgeDFW
Please check out the link below to go straight to the article. Then if you click on the article it will enlarge it so you are able to read. It's all true except the part about me teaching at the Y for swimming. I did teach swimming at a place called Aqua Kids swim school .
But I recently left due to the overwhelming fantastic response that I've had with my art.
Thanks for checking out.-Marnie

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Handmade Kids Contest on ETSY!

I have been absent from this blog for about a week, and I'm feeling horrible about it. I honestly just have not had any time. I have been busy with contract illustration work, contract mural jobs on the weekend, my three boys playing football(CRAZY), my J. AUSTIN Ryan line, and ETSY.
But I decided today to jump on and tell you about the Handmade Kids contest going on at Etsy through Sept. 8th.
I entered my Rocket Dog, which is pictured below on bottom left, and out of over 3,000 entries....I made the top 40. I feel so honored because of all the talent on Etsy. Well, please go and cast your vote in the Art section and look for Rocket Dog.
And while your there, vote in all the other categories as well.

The Rocket Dog painting below on the right is a new piece done especially for the Art Gallery Art251.
Isn't it cool. I love it. The title of it is called Rocket City. I won't be reproducing this painting or printing it. So, if your interested in it contact the Gallery and they will be happy with your purchase. It's a mixed media of vintage papers that were used for the city scape and acrylic paints. Well, I am creating more Rocket Dogs and can't wait to upload them onto my Etsy, so please check back soon. Have a great day!- Marnie V.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marnie Maid and a lunch Date

Yesterday was full of joy for boys went back to school. I know that is mean to say, but they had a long summer, or I did. I have a 7th grader, 5th, and 3rd. I can't believe how big they have gotten and so mature as well. I think it's a Texas thing though, the schools really stress independence and community.
So what did I do, I took the day off of working and deep cleaned most of my house. feels so good to have a clean house. I even steam cleaned my carpets and touch up painted all the marks on the wall from my kids. Instead of crayon marks, we've graduated to tennis ball, green slime, and who can jump up and touch the door frame. Yeah, I wonder what's next.
Then my sweet husband, who took the day off as well, took me out to a romantic lunch. It was so nice to get away and spend time with him. Of course, him working for a major bank corporation, I usually get a bunch of great business advice on budgets and what not. But I actually enjoy it.
My husband and I are very close and I love his knowledge and what he shares with me. We also talked about how are boys have grown and how amazing each of them are...we are so proud of them. Well, I am off with a list of things to paint and ship today.
Have a great day- Marnie V.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hawk is Taking Over

I have filled my Etsy with more art and I'm in love with some of the new pieces. I also heart how I am getting so many new customers who are enjoying this series as well. But, besides creating art about a dog, I also have my other line which is basically my main site. I will be updating that site later this week with Rocket Dog as well and I can't wait to show you what will be coming in the next couple of weeks.
I am adding a Safari line, because so many of my stores are requesting that, and some new Rocket Dog's as well.
My list of things that need to get done during each day are actually getting somewhat accomplished, well at least my business duties. My three boys start school next week and all three start football as well. We have started school shopping but not quite done yet. Last thing on that list is the need for more football gear. And, I'm getting hounded to take them to the skateboard park for the last time before school starts," maybe this Friday" I tell them.
So today starts a huge next couple of weeks of filling orders and shipping. And in between, replying to emails from companies that want to carry my art in their store....Yeah! I even sent out a quote to Hong Kong yesterday for a new children's Art Gallery that is opening up called Milk Monster Laughs Gallery. Love that name. And I love how people all over the world are finding me. Sometimes I ask myself "Who am I?"
Well, the person that I know is off with little sleep this week due to running her own business and taking care of a household. And that's who I am.
Have a great day! Marnie V.