Monday, December 31, 2007


WOW! I mean.... it will be WOW when I get finished with it. It will look like a mini gallery when it is finished. This is my showroom in Dallas.

I have not made any recent posts lately due to the holidays, filling orders, and getting ready for the show in January. Here is some info about it:

JAN. 16-22
(In the World Trade Center Building)
If you own a baby store please come to meet me and view some fun art. I will have a show special(of course) so don't miss out. I will be posting at the end of the week some new art that I will be showing in Dallas. If you have any questions please contact me. Look forward to meeting you all.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Welcome to J. AUSTIN Ryan

Hello and welcome. I am the artist behind
J. AUSTIN Ryan designs. If you found my blog, you either got here from my website or you found me among millions. I am glad you found me.

Let me give you a little history about myself. I grew up in Southern California (amazing). I discovered different medias of art my entire life. I loved to draw with pencils when I was very young and up through high school. During college I took many art courses, met my husband, and then landed my first job as an art director for a high end children's furniture company. This job was so fun. I not only worked with some great people, but met so many more working with them. Among painting all day at the studio, I was in charge of training new artists, and got to create many new designs. I attended trade shows and really got to experience what it was like to run a business. I worked with them for nine years and still consider them family.

It was sad and good, but in 2005 my husbands job relocated us to Texas. I was no longer a busy working mom of three, but a mom at home with her three energetic boys. It was actually time for me to have some time off.

For the last couple of years i have really, really enjoyed being a mom to my boys. Helping in the classroom, being all time quarterback in a neighborly football game, and just finally being able to relax. I would also paint for fun and just because I really enjoy it. Within the last six months i have been painting works of art. I started donating them to local charities and people were starting to notice.

So, with the support of family, J. AUSTIN Ryan was born. The name which many people think is this distinguished gentleman, comes from my children. Jacob who is about to turn 12, Ryan who is 10, and Austin who is about to turn 8. Love these cool kids.

I started the company in late September of this year, and I have to say it has been good.I have a studio in my home where i create works of art. I work after my kids go to school and all day until they get out. My husband is lucky because he sees me for the first half of the day. He doesn't go into work until after lunch. Yes, I make him lunch. If i am slammed with paintings he will make lunch for me. I try not to work after I pick up my kids. But after they go to sleep at 9pm, I am painting again if there are orders to be filled.

I sell my products on my own website and have added some retail stores as well. J. AUSTIN Ryan will also be launching itself into the industry on January 16th at the Dallas Market Center. We will have our own showroom in the Kids World Studio!

I will give my blog readers a sneak peak as to what will be in Dallas. New works that are not even on my website yet. I hope you will check back often and read my posts. I will give you the ups and downs of this crazy hectic life that I have created and that I am actually enjoying.

Thank you for visiting!