Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dallas Show This Week

Busy preparing for a show can be both crazy and exciting at the same time. I am pretty much set on everything needed, except that I am still creating one final new piece. I need to print up more price lists and start thinking about my show specials.
The show starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday, but I will be off to Dallas starting tomorrow to hang up new pieces that I am introducing this week. I will also be stopping by to drop off a project that I have been working on for an Art Dealer. (Just another project that I have taken on in my busy life)
So you ask what my day looks like today, let me tell you.
1. Finish this blog
2. take pictures of new product to get ready to add to the site
3. finish a project that I am working on for a client
4. meeting with a new client
5. back home to create my final piece for the show(at least start it)
6. my boys come home from school(homework, mom get me this..., etc.)
7. I have to teach swimming tonight from 4-7pm.
8. get home to take my 10yr. old to his baseball game that starts at 8pm.
9. home by 10pm. (I think) get boys showered and off to bed
10. sit at the computer to check emails and create a list of items to be done the next day. And then paint some more...of course.
11. Go to bed....time to be determined
Yes, that is my list for today. I will post tomorrow morning some new pieces that I will be launching at the show later this week. Well, I'm off to start my list!
Have a great day.....Marnie

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Busy Days with no Blogging

My son Ryan doing a kick flip ollie ...I think!

My days have been so busy this past week it's crazy! My boys have been on spring break so they have been keeping me very busy. I haven't even blogged in about a week i think. Between entertaining my boys and running this business this week, I have been very overwhelmed.

But, with this week closing to an end, I am starting to feel a little relaxed.
I love reading other blogs of moms playing play dough and craft time in the garage. I remember those days that flew by so quickly. Now my days are filled with trucking kids to the local skate parks, baseball practice, and a good old game of hide and seek in the dark. The list goes on and on. Oh yeah..and a few texting on cell phones to the girlfriend of the week. Drama...

Today is Saturday, and we met with my son Ryan's baseball team for a parent against the kids game. The parents lost of course, his team is very good. Besides running the bases I was in charge of snapping some photos as well. Below is Ryan with a big swing.

Tomorrow is Easter and the closing of my busy week with my bunch. We have something special planned for the boys, but it's a secret. I'll post on Monday all about it. Easter will be a nice day for the start of a busy week. I have projects due, meeting with a client, and a four day trade show at the end of the week. Besides that, i still am creating two new pieces for the show and I haven't even started them yet...at least it's in my brain.

Well, I'm off to clean up around the house and get ready for our busy day tomorrow. Besides us taking the boys on a special outing, Easter dinner will be eaten at the in-laws. I haven't even put together the Easter baskets for my boys. Oh my gosh...and I think I said I would bring deviled eggs. Look's like I'm getting on the foodnetwork.com for a recipe.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy kids & Busy Work

I have been so busy lately it's crazy. Not just with the business, but my boys schedule as well. I haven't even thought about posting due to such hectic schedules. Between the homework, sports schedules, and my 4th grader who left for camp yesterday, I am exhausted. I didn't even include the fact that I am still painting, shipping, and have been subbing at the swim school due to my co-workers being sick. In which, thankfully I haven't gotten sick yet this year.

So a little heads up on what's go on with J. AUSTIN Ryan. I have another Dallas show coming up at the end of this month that I am trying to get ready for. About eight new pieces will be launched at the show, along with a whole new bunch of stores attending...yeah! New stores meaning that this is an Apparel and Gift show. What's cool is, apparel stores have been adding furniture and decor into their stores lately to make it more of a one stop shop.

I am also involved in a big charity event coming up in May. I am donating two paintings that I need to start soon.....very soon.

I also just recently started working with an Art Dealer/Gallery in Dallas. I will be commissioned to paint custom pieces of modern art for them in which they in turn will sell to designers and other clients as well. I just received a project from them that needs to be done in a couple of weeks. Do you see my list that keeps growing...

One more thing to look out for. On March 17th,
Peekaboo Picks will be featuring my Alpha Tree on her blog,
you have to check it out. She will be posting about all of the items that she purchased for her nursery, I can't wait to see it.

Back to painting...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to Winter...

I was so excited that spring was here and my flowers were starting to bloom. And then Texas got hit with a snow storm. But, my kids were so thrilled to come home from school to see a winter wonderland. Actually, going through their minds were two words flashing, snowballs and fight.
Stepping out was picture perfect with all of the snow that was falling. We received up to five inches or more where we live . That is a lot for North Texas. So as I suspected my kids went straight to building bunkers and snowballs. Here is Ryan shoveling snow and trying to avoid snowballs at the same time.

I however grabbed some of the other kids in the neighborhood to help me build a snowman. This was my first snowman in Texas.

So Proud!

I also took a picture of my dog Hawk playing in the snow....can you see him?
Can't wait for spring to start AGAIN.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Break

I am taking a break today to show everyone my first signs of spring here in Texas. This tree, that is in front of my studio, is my favorite. During the first part of spring, these little pink flowers start blooming. I can't for the life of me remember what kind of a tree it is, but within a few more weeks it will be the pink tree. I took a close-up shot of what these pretty little flowers look like.

Ok! Spring Break is over for me. A whole twenty minutes of taking pictures and blogging when It's really just an out to my orders that I am filling, which I am thankful to have.