Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Hectic life of an Artist

Yes...I'm alive and well. I thought that was a first good sentence to describe my absence from this blog. I have been very busy filling orders, creating, shipping, and taking care of my three wonderful boys. I would definitely have to say that my three boys are the main reason. It has been a very busy school year for us so far. As i have mentioned before, my boys are also in football. I know some of you are probably thinking..yeah..big deal. Well, here is my typical day schedule.

1.Get up at 5am and make tons of COFFEE!
2.Wake up my oldest son Jacob at 5:30am to go to football practice. He's in 7th grade and in Texas they compete in the schools, just like High School. They have to be dressed and on the field by 7am.
3.Wake up Ryan my middle son to get ready for school.
4. Make lunches
5. Jacob gets picked up at 6:20am...we carpool.
6. Wake up Austin, my youngest. Get the boys fed.
7. Ryan leaves to walk to the bus stop at 6:50am.
8. Austin and I walk to school.
9. I then come home and either go to the gym or go for a run.
10. Come home and shower and have more coffee in the back yard with my husband. We talk about the previous and that days events.
11. I usually do a little house work.
12. Then by 9:30am I am in the studio until 3pm. I paint, ship, computer stuff, etc. Lately i have been painting and shipping a lot.
13. At 3:10 Ryan and Austin are home.
14. HOMEWORK! I usually make dinner during this time and have it ready.
15. Jacob comes home at 4:30...bless his strong soul. He is gone from 6:20am-4:30pm.
16. Football practice for the other two from 5pm-7:30pm, but I don't get home until 8:15pm.
17. We come home and they shower, eat more food, then read books, and then it's off to bed by 9:30pm.
18. I will either crawl into bed at that time or I'll crawl into the studio and force myself to accomplish something.
I'm a little exhausted that I just shared that and I am just starting my day. I think I need more coffee! Well, I have many new things on Etsy so go check them out.
Have a great day! Marnie

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