Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet Buster and Gustav

Can you imagine having these two ever so cute critters living with you, well Christy Marchand can, and they do. Christy, who is an amazing stain glass artist, contacted me about doing an illustration piece of her two little critters. Buster is the skunk, who was a gift from her daughter. And Gustav, actually came in during Hurricane Gustav in you can see where he got his name. I was so excited when Christy contacted me and told me so much detail on their behavior and how they are during a normal day. She even sent me UTUBE footage of them...and that was hilarious. Basically, Gustav the squirrel is the active one and Buster loves to sleep. But Buster definitely loves to be played with with all the photos I saw. This was truly one of my most favorite projects so far. And here it is...Gustav is trying to snatch Busters snack, while he's asleep of course.

5x7" 1/8" thickness
100% recycled canvas board
Needless to say, Christy loves it. And please go check out her work here and her ETSY shop...she is one talented lady! Well...I have a sick kid at home who wants mommy to take a nap with him. Oh... maybe I'll dream up a hurricane coming through Texas which will drop off some cute little squirrel named Henry! Marnie V.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Banners

I thought I'd stop in this morning and show you some new banner ads I've been working on. These are going on a new site that will be launching next month called the Giggle Guide. I can't link you to it because it's not ready. Its basically an online resource/yellow pages for the baby and child industry. And if you make and type of product for that industry, I highly encourage you to jump on board. I signed for a year of advertising with them and know it's going to be well worth it. Leave me a comment if you want more info on it.
I'm signing off to get two boys off to school, take care a sick red eyed, puffy face, sinus infection kid, and work! Marnie V.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Pretty Calendar

Just thought I would post today on this fantastic deal of a beautiful calendar I bought from
Lotta JansDotter. It's made out of linen with a hand silk-screened calendar on it. It was only ten bucks and it comes in three different can go here to purchase one for yourself. I wouldn't wait too long though, these are just so pretty even in person. What caught my eye was the simplicity of it. I wouldn't dare show you my real calendar, it's full of deadlines, scratch marks, my son Austin's doodles, and spilt coffee. Anyways, just thought I would post on a great find. Tomorrow I'll be updating my shop with new art, which is explaining where I've been for the past week. I'm getting ready for a big show in LA Cali. , where 25 pieces of art need to be done within the next couple of weeks.YIKES! Marnie V.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Hawk Series

I hope everyone is having a great week and I have to say that today in Texas, the weather is gorgeous! I have been waiting for days like this to come and it's finally here. I am also going to wish everyone an early Happy Valentines Day. Tomorrow I'll be going to Dallas, to the showroom to be exact, and Saturday I promised my husband that I wouldn't work. I also wanted to start showing everyone little spaces in my home that pretty much reflect us, to be point blank. So above is out fireplace that is in our family room. As you can see it's decorated for Valentines, but not with your typical red and pink hearts, mine are multicolored. I have three boys, even though they do love pink. This felt garland was made by me last year and it used to hang in my showroom in Dallas, but I opted to bring it home and I'm glad I did. My boys told me last night how good they thought it looked on out fireplace and after taking this picture, I have to agree.

So on to some news. I am launching today on my ETSY a new series of little wood paintings called " Hello my name is....". They are little pieces of eco friendly wood hung with hemp string and are painted with a character on each. On the back of each one it will say " name is Hawk"(example). They are really cute and each one has special painted patterning, I call it. Their will only be fifteen in the series and I will not be duplicating them. I will introduce two into the shop today and every day more will be added. I also decided to do free shipping on these items since this is a special series...they are really cute. So again have a wonderful Valentines Day with the ones you love. Marnie V.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just got an email from Katie at the ETSY blog saying she handpicked my painting above "Never Let Go" in the cuter than cute contest on Etsy. And you can go vote and pick your favorite item that you think is the cutest! Go here to go vote.

Katie also told me that I'll be on the Etsy blog and in the gift guide....HOORAY! Thanks Katie!

WINNER of the Little Lovely Painting!

I first have to say that I was so nervous and excited about this giveaway and honestly, this is my first. The excitement of it led me not to have a great night sleep, I was so anxious to pick a winner. I also really enjoyed everyone's all time favorite Love Songs! And this giveaway was fun and I'm definitely thinking of Easter for my next. Ok...I know....I know, announce the winner already! So the winner is.......


You are the lucky winner of this lovely little painting! To claim your gift please email ASAP within 24 hrs. so we can arrange delivery.

Thank you to everyone for playing and leaving the wonderful comments about my work!
Well, I'm off to run...a three mile run that is......

Saturday, February 7, 2009


" Let's Play Our Love Song"
Size- 5x7" with 1/8" thickness
100% recycled canvas board

Hello everyone! Today is giveaway day of my series of Lovely Little Valentine paintings. This is #7 of the series and it's up for grabs starting today, February 7th-February 9th 10pm. CST.

So this painting has a little extra than my normal little paintin
gs. As I had mentioned in January, that I will be adding more into my little paintings such as furniture and such. And with this one I did. I titled it " Let's Play Our Love Song ". Now who doesn't have a special love song. These two cute little mice are dancing on the piano and playing a sweet love song. And for music lovers, I know you'll enjoy my robin's egg blue french piano. My boys even got involved with this one and told me to add a picture above them with the two mice kissing. I think their great idea was perfect! This is a perfect gift for a special Valentine and better yet it's my special gift to the lucky winner!

Painting details- This is an ORIGINAL painting painted with acrylic paints on 100% recycled canvas board. Sealed with a non toxic non yellowing UV sealer. Pop this into any frame of yo
ur choice and their is no need for any glass. I WILL NOT be printing this.

Ok.. here are the rules. To win this cute little painting.
*This Contest is for US Residents ONLY!
*Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Love Song or tell me what you love about this painting. CLICK on Comments!
*Only one comment per person.
*You have until 10pm CST February 9th to leave a comment.
*And finally...DON'T MISS THIS!

That's it! I will pick a winner at random and give the BIG announcement Feb. 10th. So please check back on my blog for your name. If you win, you'll email me your shipping info so I can ship ASAP priority mail( 2 day ).

Now go make a comment to win this Little Lovely Valentine painting!

GOOD Luck! Marnie V.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Lovely Painting #6

" Camp Marshmallow "
Size- 8 x 10" with 1/8" thickness

100% recycled canvas board

Here is #6 of my little paintings. It's called " Camp Marshmallow ." The inspiration came from my love of smores and marshmallows. I think Hawk and Henry love them too. I also love the old camper I placed in the background. Here's a little blurb on it-

Hawk the dog and Henry the squirrel are enjoying this bright campfire night. Camp songs, scary stories, and yummy smores, life couldn't be better. Let's hope the family doesn't wake up and really find out how smart their dog is!

Ok...don't forget tomorrow's giveaway. I can't wait to show the #7 painting... it's so cute. Have a wonderful evening. Marnie V.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lovely Little Painting #5

" Never Let Go"
size-4x6" with 1/8" thickness
100% recycled canvas board

It is such a beautiful day today in Texas! I went for a 3 mile run this morning which felt goal is to run at least 10-12 miles a week. I love the runners high I's amazing. And with all the work I need to do today, let's hope my run gives me extra energy.

So above is the 5th little painting of the week and it's in the shop. My inspiration came from a balloon that flew into my own yard last week and thinking that when I was a child, wishing a balloon would take me for a ride. Here's a little blurb about the painting.

Leave it to Henry the squirrel to grab a hold of this big heart balloon. It came down down from the sky looking so interesting and such, that Henry grabbed the string with curious excitement! You can tell by the look on his face that he never wants to let go. I love this little painting! Don't you?
I don't mean to post and run but I...well you know...need to paint! Oh and check out this little commission I did of a dog named Oliver!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lovely Little Painting #4

" My Favorite Chair"
size- 5x7" with 1/8" thickness
100% recycled canvas board

I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I love Mod furniture. My own decor in my house is both modern and traditional, which I love. I usually flip through magazines and tear out pages upon pages to get ideas of my own home. I even keep them in a binder when I need a little inspiration.
So here is one of my favorite chairs of all time that I LOVE. I don't even own an Eames chair, but someday I definitely will. And I can just imagine Hawk loving it as well. With this painting I picked the colors based on Hawks coat. I think the mustard and mod green really make him pop out...don't you? I had fun with this painting also because I used to draw samples of furniture when I worked for the furniture company Art for Kids. I did the line drawings for them, among other things, and really learned a lot more on perspective drawing.
I've already put it into the shop and will be sad and happy to see it go. Sad because it's looking cool in my family room right now and happy that someone else will be enjoying it.

Have a wonderful day-Marnie V.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lovely Little Painting #3

size-5x7" with 1/8" thickness

100% recycled canvas

Ok...I'm here again with my little Valentine painting #3 titled " Love to Swing". I have painted one similar to this before with only Henry swinging. This time, I added Fancy as well.
Fancy and Henry are all about having the best time in the yard every day and it definitely shows ...they are so cute.
I painted the background in different blue tones with a hidden rubbed blue heart above. I think the sky is loving these adorable squirrels laughing on the swing. This little painting is available in the shop. And before my son Austin comes in to beg me one more time.... to go play football catch ...I need to end this post. Have a great evening! Marnie

Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Lovely Painting #2

by Marnie Vollenhals
Size- 4x6" with 1 /8" thickness

100% recycled canvas

Yes...I'm here. I've been dealing with the post office today by phone as to why some of my International orders that I shipped in January were never delivered. So the man tells me that they have had the highest rate of thefts for International shipping and US shipping in the past 6 months then they've had in the last 5 years. really makes me upset that this happens. I work really hard to get items shipped right away for my customers, so they like me, and honestly...I'm obsessed with getting things ordered out the door. I guess this is a new popular hobby for some people....sad. Please feel free to leave any comments or complaints that you've had with shipping. Just had to get that off my chest.

So basically now, I am no longer shipping International unless the buyer pays for the items or items to be certified. Which can be costly depending on where it is going.

Now let's talk about something happy...oh yes...the new lovely little painting #2. It's titled "Love Notes". It's Moxy the mouse who is a guitar music playing lover. He loves to play and listen to music. He is so cute with his blue guitar too. I painted the background with a celery green and added heart musical notes. A perfect Valentine gift for any music lover. This little painting is available for purchase in the shop.

Well, back to Painting and feeling frustrated!
Have a great evening!-Marnie V.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little Lovely Painting #1

" Look at my Big Heart"
by Marnie V.
Size- 4x6" with 1/8" thickness

100% recycled canvas


Hello everyone and Happy February. I love the this month. Maybe because I'm in a house filled with 4 men and my boys always make me the best cards. Well, as I said before this week is filled with a new lovely little painting by me everyday.
They will be a one of kind ORIGINAL, and I won't even be printing these. I am also very excited about the line up this week and had a hard time deciding on which one to start with.

So, here it is, my little lovely painting #1. It's titled "Look at my big Heart". Jinks the rabbit is holding his big paper heart up for all to see. And of course this big heart of his reflects his own inner heart. Jinks loves his life and he should...he gets to play with Hawk the dog all day. I wonder if Jinks will be giving his heart to someone this Valentines........ please leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I won't be adding him to the shop until 3pm today. Have a wonderful Sunday and Superbowl! Marnie V.