Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember Little Me

Remember Little Me for being so cute
for being courageous and brave
Remember Little Me for loving my family
for treats and such
Remember Little Me for sitting on laps
for warmth and love
Remember Little Me as an explorer
for meeting creatures and bugs
Just Remember Little Me

Little me is a little Chiwawa that I witnessed get hit by a car today. I was walking with Hawk home, from taking Austin to school, when a little Chiwawa came running across the street. He was struck by a truck instantly. I think his idea was to come over to see Hawk, then tragedy struck. I immediately went to him in the street with Hawk by my side. He was still breathing, but didn't have any tags. Thankfully his owner came around the corner to find him with me.
And sweet Hawk, being so smart, instantly new what had happened. He sat down next to the little dog and seemed very sad. He just looked at the little dog like he wanted to help him in some way, I love Hawk for that. And I will never forget the look on his face.
I helped the woman bring the dog to her car and she took him to our neighborhood pet hospital.
Hawk and I then started walking home. A cold breeze was in the air with the morning sun shining bright and Hawk was definitely in a different kind of mood. All I could think about is how important these little creatures are to us. How much love they bring into our lives. I wished I had asked for Little Me's name, but at the time I didn't even think about it. So with all of this in mind, I returned home and instantly was inspired to paint a little portrait of Little Me. I thought the family would love a painting of their sweet dog and so I would have a memory of him as well.
So I leave this blog today with heartfelt love to his family who will never forget him.
I'm off with Hawk to deliver this gift with love.-Marnie V.


Kathleen said...

Oh Marnie, I was crying when I read this, how terrible. But I'm so glad you and Hawk were there to help, and the poor little guy didn't have to be alone. Maybe a miracle will happen and he will be alright. We are praying for him. I'm sure the family will love the painting, - what a sweet thing for you to do.

It's funny, I was thinking this morning about how much our pets mean to us, they fill our lives with such love, happiness and devotion. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Ako said...

That brought tears to my eyes too. I love how art can freeze life's precious moments. Kudos to you for doing something about those feelings and sharing them too. I will remember.