Monday, June 30, 2008

The Fabulous Art for Kids

Hello everyone I'm back . It's been about a week since my last blog, but well I'm a busy bee over here. So today I'm going to show you where I used to work in California before we moved to Texas. The company is called Art for Kids. I worked there for nine years and truly loved it.

They make honestly the most amazing furniture for baby and kids. They have even made many pieces for teens and adults as well. They also cater to hundreds of Movie Stars. So when I first started I was hires on as an artist. Then after a couple of years I became their art director. I had to train artists, attend trade shows, and many other things. It was such a fun job....I think I already mentioned that.

I haven't mentioned the amazing people behind the company, Gail and Bijon Sedigh.
Gail designs all of the furniture...well actually everything. when you browse their site go to Room inspirations and check out her work. She designed all of those rooms. Bijon her husband, does all the day to day work. This is a little petite chair that is one of Gail's signature pieces.

Below is the type of work I used to do. It's a French toy box with a toile design on it. Pretty. But you have to go to their site and check out everything else, you will truly be amazed.

Ok...I have to go. So much to do today and so little time...yeah that pretty much sums it up.
Thank you for visiting! xoxo Marnie V.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shop News!


What a long week I have had. First the Dallas show which lasted six days and picked up some new accounts. And second, I finally opened up an Etsy store...YEAH.....
I have been wanting and wanting to create more on my Rocket Dog series and now I am. I am so excited and can't wait to keep creating. I thought that Etsy would be the perfect fit because of how simple my illustrations are and will be.
So a little info on what will be arriving on Etsy.
I will be creating original paintings and prints of a suburban dog named Hawk. He roams in his backyard and seeks adventure, at least that's what he tries to create. I will also be adding other animals that live in his yard with him.
I have introduced Goalie, a goofy little gopher. He's already getting a lot of attention.

I can't wait to show and create more.
In other news....I will be painting, shipping, and getting ready for yet another show..ATLANTA.
Yes..J. AUSTIN Ryan will be going to Atlanta, Georgia for a Home and Gift show. It starts on July 8th and runs for about 7 days. The best part, I don't have to go. My rep will be selling..selling...selling. my boys are so happy that mom will be staying home. Of course, next year I'm sure I'll be making the trip, but they don't have to know that now.
Ok..I am going to sleep so i can be very well rested for a very crazy day tomorrow.
xoxo-Marnie V.

Monday, June 16, 2008



SHOWROOM# 8701-52

I have another show this week as you can see with the dates above. I am getting out my last order today from my previous show that I had two weeks ago..... Just in time.
Don't mean to keep things short today, but I have no time to blog.
I did manage to bring on some help today to clean the studio though. And here they are.

My son Austin built me some more robots to help out. Let's see if they can file better than me. Next I'll be handing them the 409. Have a great day-Marnie

Monday, June 9, 2008

My New Hired Help

It's summer break and I'm still trying to get used to the fact that my boys are home. We always put them on a summer schedule just so they still have a little structure. We all know kids need structure. Schedule meaning....reading time, XBOX only hours of operation, playing outside, and chores. So the in between time when they are wondering what to do, they usually grab out a box of Lego's and start creating.
I have been very busy this past week filling orders and everything that goes along with running a business by yourself. And I love that my boys completely respect when I am busy. They know that after a show mom is only really available for cooking, band aids, laundry, and a prayer at night before bedtime. Well, i do much more also.
So, my 8 year old son Austin created some help for me over the weekend and his name is CB90.
Austin told me that he has programmed him to help me paint, ship, and even poor me a tall glass of cold water when I'm thirsty. He can even hold about 4 paint brushes..Wow. Of course, it's been two days and I honestly haven't seen CB90 do much of anything. But I came into the studio early this morning and found him like this. maybe he is trying to organize my paints...yeah that's it. Austin, you are so creative and I love you for that. Well, it's 7:45 am and I have a busy day. I got up this morning at 5am to get a jump on paperwork and had to box up an order that is being shipped today. I will be out of the studio most of the day today due to me teaching swim class this morning and I promised my boys that I would take them to the library.
I am crossing my fingers to come home later to find CB90 painting up the rest of my orders. I may have to ask Austin to program him for that would be something!
Have a great day-Marnie

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm Invited!

I haven't mentioned this prior, but I was approached at the Dallas Market in Feb. 08 to have some of my paintings in Southern Living Magazine. I was very excited because this is my first Magazine to be featured in. So the buyer, who was so cute herself, had picked out four of my paintings that she was going to be putting into the magazine.
Then she starts to tell me that these paintings are going to be in the IDEA HOUSE(Taylor Creek) for 2008.
Oh my gosh...I was so excited and I didn't hold back from letting her know. The house that will be seen across the country in their magazine, on the web, and in person. You can actually go see the house and view all of their decorating ideas. They made a modern nursery in the house and that's where my art will be placed.
So I received an invitation to go view the house before they even open it to the public. I can't believe they invited me. The sad thing is I can't go, I have another Dallas Show. But I will be viewing every inch of that magazine when it comes out. I will leave the surprise of what they actually picked. The issue comes out in August.....can't wait.
Well, I am so busy I don't really know where to start today. I had a show last week and am now filling those orders. I opened up some new wholesale accounts and they are new stores...yeah!
So besides painting today, I have many duties to attend to around my house. I just may have to declare national chore day to my children!-Marnie