Monday, November 30, 2009

Humbugs of the Holiday Season

Just thought I send a Holiday Greeting of Ba Humgug! to the Postal worker who stole four shipments of art two weeks ago from me. And to the Postal Service as well who completely acts oblivious to it all. My items were even insured and had tracking. And this is their answer, " Well...we just can't locate them." "We will contact you when they are found." Yeah right!

Just what I need when I'm preparing for a solo Hawk show next week.
Have a great day! Marnie V.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hectic schedule is the story of my life these days. I'm busy painting preparing for my first solo art show on Dec. 11th. Hawk will center stage and I'm so excited. My personal life is full also. My boys are finishing up there football seasons, wrestling season is starting, and my husband just finished his Masters Degree. We are so proud of him. He walks this Friday night and I'm hosting a huge PARTY for him this weekend...which I'm trying to get ready for as well.
Did I mention we have a Super Bowl football game for my son Austin's team and a wrestling Tournament on Saturday. I'll let you know how I survive.

And in the mix of all of this, I of course still have time to schedule Jason with, to come take some Christmas photos of my boys. Above is my oldest Jacob. He truly is an amazing son. He's 13..almost 14 on Dec.15th, just finished his football season and now it's wrestling season. Our theme for these photos was football, as you can see.
They came out amazing and soon I'll be posting more...well, in a couple of weeks.

So, I won't be on the blog much over the next couple of weeks due to life functions, Thanksgiving, and preparing for this HUGE art show. :)

Have a wonderful week! Marnie V.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Halloween

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween...I did.
Even Garrett came over to say hello or scare me. He's the little boy on my website.
He cracks me up! Love you G!

Of course, my kids thought it would be fun scaring little boys and girls this year.

My son Austin carved this pumpkin....he did a great job!

And, this is where I sat all night passing out candy and drinking coffee to stay awake
after our long day of football games.
Thanks for looking!
Marnie V.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Holiday Goodness!

Hello everyone! This week I'll be adding a lot of cool and pretty items to my Etsy shop.
One in which are these adorable little mini art ornaments. They are simply perfect all year for art to adorn your wall. Then during holiday time, place them on your tree.
So keep a look out:) Have a great day! Marnie V.

Friday, October 16, 2009

It Finally Happened to Me!

Well, it happened. I just found out yesterday by a fellow artist who was also copied that my art was being sold on another website. Not only was she taking my design, but the idiot actually forgot to photoshop out my signiture from the photo she stole from me. Do you see it here..."the Ballad of Sir Lucky Lion"...that's mine. Straight from my own website J.AUSTINRyan.
She also sold these other pieces from these other artists and sold them as ORIGINALS. Thank goodness for other artists who aren't afraid to speak there mind for she has closed this shop because of us. Then we find out she has another shop selling more works from other artists.
And...what do I find on her other ART! Here below is MY MOD OWL that is super popular, was in the Southern Living magazine idea house and has been featured everywhere. I sent her a nasty email last night and she did close this shop as well.

We actually think she has another shop which you can read about here. I just met Corra who was also an artist that was copied. I think honestly what bothers me the most is that she not only stole from us, but she stole money from the customers she sold these items to. I would be pretty upset if I found out that I purchased some art from a copy cat. And I would absolutely want my money back. She better hope none of these artists contact her buyers.

I'm so upset about what has happened and I will be acting on it, in which I'll keep you posted on.
I'll be back later or even tomorrow to post more, but I have work to do. Funny thing is, I'm actually shipping out today these same exact REAL ORIGINAL works of mine to REAL CUSTOMERS. Honestly, I actually consider everyone who ever bought art from me...that the value just doubled! Congrats!
Talk to you soon...Marnie V.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Art

" Love Story by Mister Deer "

Size- 4x6"

Original painting by Marnie V.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My 1st Ever Art Show at a Gallery!

Hello everyone..yes..I'm here. I've been a busy bee as usual. I just booked my 1st art show though...whoo hoo. I am so excited and nervous. This show will be completely different than the wholesale trade shows I usually attend, but I think in a great way. I won't be giving a sales pitch while people are viewing my over 70 pieces that I plan on having at this show. But, I will be of course be mentioning that the artist herself will sign the piece you buy.
I'll be posting more art as the weeks go by so please check back. I'm working on a project for a custmer and have two trade shows coming up in the next couple of weeks..wish me luck.
Have a great weekend! Marnie V.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What Keeps Me Going...

My son Ryan with his footall team.
My youngest son Austin(AV) with his team.

I sometimes feel like I come on this blog and complain about all the computer issues I have, but OMG I have them. I have had two viruses within the last two weeks, in which I've been late meeting deadlines. I'm afraid to even mention to clients just because I don't want them to think I'm a flaky artist, and I'm not. I usually get comments on how fast i turn things around. But let me tell you when you live in Texas and it rains for SEVEN days straight, and I mean flooding rain, and your computer is are bound to have issues. I haven't been able to load anything on either of my sites and not able to load pictures period. Then yesterday...I finally got a picture through. I have had 3 weeks of feeling so frustrated over the issue but things are starting to turn around. By week 2 I actually just decided to myself there was basically nothing I could do and to just focus on my kids and painting. So you'll see a lot of new things popping up in the ETSY shop this week. Have a great day! Marnie V.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Whole Lot of.......

I've been doing a whole lot of.....

football practice(EVERY NIGHT) :)
horrible car problems...yuck...but getting better
running 3 miles a day for stress relief

I think that pretty much wraps up all that's in my life right now.

The photo above is one of the first paintings I created when we moved to Texas. I've always loved the simplicity and design of it...the title...
" My Favorite Train."
My inspiration....My son Jacob, who is now 13, has a passion for trains. I honestly think he always will. Of course, now he has a passion for cheerleaders, yeah...I won't be painting those.

Have a great day! Marnie V.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So amongst everything else going on I've decided to add another product into my line...these adorable mobiles. They are made out of eco-friendly wood that hang from a simple rod, which then hangs directly from the ceiling. I am offering them in pinks, yellow/greens, blues, and orange tones(not shown). They are available now in the shop.
Back to shipping orders...have a great day. Marnie V.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What Vacation

I'm back from vacation...well, I've been back actually. The picture above is me and I completely look exhausted in this picture, which cracks me up because I was. It was the most rewarding and exhausting trip I have ever taken. We had a blast though and so did my kids. The picture below is my son Austin walking along the Vietnam Memorial checking out all the names of the men who died. If you look there is a reflection with my husband David and my son Jacob in the picture as well. It was really something to see.

I came back over a week ago but have been slammed in work. And honestly, I'm still slammed, so if i don't make it onto this blog everyday for the next couple of weeks...just bare with me. I just finished a show in LA Cali. and am currently having a show in Dallas, which I'm not even attending. Let's hope my showroom rep writes some good orders for me. With all the work I have to do and throwing my 12 year old a birthday party tomorrow, that's my excuse for not attending. I'll be sure to come back on next week to post on a few new items and about my first art show in a gallery ..that I am so excited for.'s time to get this party going!
Have a great weekend- Marnie V.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm in Washington DC

I'm in DC this week and I'll be back to share next week...the first of August.
Be back soon....Oh...go check me out, I'm now on Posh Tots !
Go to the site in the DECOR section and look for my tree paintings like Alpha Tree, Modern Birds, and House of Owls. When they are done this week, they will have all of it up! I'm so excited for this...thanks Posh Tots!
Be Back Soon!
Marnie V.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Southern Living Idea House 2009 Issue is Here!

It's here!
The 2009 Southern Living Idea House with my Mod Owls.
Located in Port Aransas Texas/ Cinnamon Shore.
If you get a copy delivered to your home, then you must already have it.
If not, head over to your local drug store and pick up a copy....or at least go check it out.
Thanks for looking...I'm off to buy 10 copies.
Have a great evening! Marnie V.

Monday, July 20, 2009

So Where should I Start!

Hello everyone. I've had quite an interesting last couple of weeks...mainly why I haven't been on this blog. My computer has had a virus and still does...and I'm still trying to get it fixed. I've been working off a laptop and my husbands computer, but since everything is mainly linked to mine, I've been unable to even load new art on my Etsy shop and my main site. I am so frustrated...I can't even tell you. I am also sorry to those who I haven't emailed back, because it was my business email that got attacked by a nasty virus. I will get back to you and hopefully soon.
And on top of this I've had numerous things falling apart in my home, car, and kids that have needed to get fixed. Let's just say when it rains, it pours. Oh...and I'm leaving this Thursday for vacation. We are taking our boys to Washington DC for an entire week to see some history. We are very excited and I'm hoping my home /work issues get resolved before I leave.
While I'm gone, my shops will be still open and I will be checking my emails frequently if you do need to email me. I do have to say that the nasty virus did allow me to get all of my recent show orders and store orders out...which feels amazing since I'm about to go on vacation. Well, I'm off to take my son Ryan to the Doctor to check his ear...swimmers ear that didn't clear up.
Talk to you soon-Marnie V.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nature's High-rise(pictured above) is in the as well!

Hello everyone…I just received an email from Southern Living Magazine that the video is up for the 2009 Idea House in Port Aransas Texas.
They included some of my art for the children's bedroom upstairs. They only show the Mod Owls in the room, but they did put some others in there as well. You’ll have to pick up the August issue magazine to see the rest. I’m so excited and honored to be chosen as one of the many artists throughout the house. Click on the link below to watch the video…and my art is shown around the 2 minute mark. Thanks for looking..Smile


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm at a Dallas Show!
June 24th-30th
World trade Center Dallas, TX
Kids World Studio 8th floor
Showroom #8701-45

Come see me.......

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Commissioned piece

I have mentioned a friend of mine before, the artist Kathleen Coy. She is an amazing and talented artist. She is so good at animals and from what I've seen...she can paint anything. I already had her paint Hawk and for Father's Day she painted my other little dog Cali. She is my husband's baby girl...literally. And he was so happy, surprised, and over joyed when he opened to find this piece that Kathleen had created. Great job Kathleen..I'm already thinking of what I'll have you create for me next.

Don't mean to post and run, but I just found out that my show this week actually starts Wednesday and not Thursday....I'm screaming . I guess I won't be lounging by the pool today like yesterday. Marnie V.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Recent Custom that was COOL!

I recently was commissioned by some clients from Dallas to create some art for their kids playroom. I actually did about four pieces for them, but stupidly forgot to take pictures of everything. But I luckily did take a photo of the biggest. The painting above was 4 feet x 4 feet (HUGE)...seriously it was big. They basically loved my Raining Mister Elephant painting but wanted more characters and really wanted the African amazon feel with trees and such.

I added monkeys and a funky orange giraffe.

And a deep rich blue striped zebra for fun.

Even the water I gave a wallpaper feel to it..they loved it. I've just emailed the Jennifer the client to see if she could take photos of the room and send it to is the cutest little space with even a fireplace in it, and this painting is hanging above the fireplace. It looks amazing!

This week I'm busy painting orders and I'll be finally loading more into my Etsy shop. My boys are in sports camp all week so at least I'm getting a little piece and quiet for half the day.
Hope yours is peaceful too. Marnie V.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Customers!

Remember a week or so back when I had donated a painting to charity similar to this one. Well, I had a customer see it who completely fell in love with it, but it was already donated and already purchased by the lucky bidder. So then I offered to create one that was similar but I added another planet to make it completely her own. And the result is the one above. It turned out amazing, and Denise my new customer loved it. And her son, who is ever so cute and pictured below, seems to love it as well.
Thanks again Denise for sending in this great picture..I love this little guys teeth...soo cute.
Please send me your pictures if you've purchased some art, I would love to add it in my Happy Customers section.
Have a great summer day-Marnie V.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little LA Show starts Tomorrow

Thea Showroom
Los Angeles, Ca.
June 12-16th
Showroom Rep/Owner* Brandi Bartels

I have a little show in LA that starts tomorrow at Thea Showroom. This is for all you modern baby stores out there that need some cool unique art in your stores for that cool unique customer of yours. And, for any Cali residents who don't own a store and would love to see what's in the showroom, contact Brandi for an appointment. Most of the art there is from my main site.

Have a great day-Marnie V.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My New Space

Just like everyone else in this crazy economy, I also did a little cutting back this year with things concerning my business. In Dallas, I cut my showroom space in half to save on half the rent and it was honestly for the better. I think because now when people walk up the art is right there in front of them, where as before they had to come in and look to the sides. so, I'm actually getting more exposure...which I love.

My new name banners are so sweet and the perfect addition to a child's room.

Even Hawk is being sold in my stores...he is getting very popular. I also have some other characters in the works as well and I'm about to get them tested which I'll talk about later this week...crazy law. Well, have a wonderful day- Marnie V.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boys of Summer

Austin- 9yrs.

Ryan- 11 yrs.

Jacob- 13 yrs.

These are some photos that were taken recently by my friend Jason Munford over at
These are the boys of summer. There days will be filled with wrestling and football training. Texting girls...which drives me crazy. Numerous trips to the neighborhood water park. Swimming all day in our own pool which will result in a few swimmers ear infections. Movies in the park. Our big trip to Washington DC, which I haven't mentioned yet. Required reading everyday to get ready for the next school year. And let's not forget how much work I won't be getting done on time because of these three. Gotta love summer! Marnie V.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Updates, a Show, and a Feature!

There is so much going on in my life and this biz that I really don't know where to start. My website J.AUSTINRyan is getting updated with new content, color changes, new images, and more features. These will all hopefully be done soon. My customers who have been ordering, well, let's just say I've been getting phone calls to place orders, since my site has been down.
I also had a photo shoot with the ever funny Garrett who is pictured above, he'll be popping up on my site as well.
More and more stores are adding my art which is honestly amazing and scary as well, my biz is growing and I basically just sat my kiddos down to tell them they are the new maids of the house this summer. Yea...those were the words that I told them when they came home from school today, which was there last by the way.
Other news, I have a Dallas show that starts tomorrow and I can honestly say " I am ready for it!".... gosh that felt good. It's a four day show and hope to pick up some new accounts.

Dallas Show
World Trade Center Building Dallas, TX
8th floor, Kids World St
udio, Showroom #8701-45
June 4th-8th

I was also featured today on Penguin and Fish. Allyssa is the artist and illustrator behind these most amazing products and images. you seriously need to go check out her stuff. She has a ETSY site. And she has her own main site like me which features all of her talents. Thank you so much Allyssa..I love her blog, and I'll be visiting it every
day from now on.

So I'm signing off and will hopefully be back soon, and I'll wish myself luck on this show.
Have a great weekend....Marnie V.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seriously! What else!

Collage above is a custom Rocket Dog I'm working on right now for a client.

This past week has been seriously unpredictable, and not in a good way. We have had a few bad storms these past few days, and last night being the worst. I looked outside and it was basically a hurricane type whatever, even though we are not even in Hurricane season.
The bad thing is these storms cause my internet to go WACCO and it turn reflects on me not getting any computer work done at all. I have two trade shows coming up within the next couple of weeks so I'm scarily a little behind.
On top of all of this, football ends this week with my boys, parties and ends next week, so I need to go find teacher gifts and i go crazy doing so. And because our weather has been so crazy with the temperatures dropping and rising, my boys all have sore throats and the sneezing thing. We are battling football injuries as well...oh yeah...I could seriously go on and on.
But what topped it all off.
MY POOL IS GREEN! I hate when my pool is green. And, one of my neighbors behind me, there fence blew over into my yard last night...of course. Now I have to go around the block, bring our Home Owners Assoc. papers with me, and explain how since a certain part of the fence is on there side that they need to repair the fence. I'll let you know how that goes.
Ok..I'm done complaining and somewhat feeling a little better for doing so.
Have a wonderful day! Marnie V.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I had to post this picture today courtesy of Jason Munford. It's of my son Ryan #11 scoring a touchdown, but it's the ref that makes the picture. The opponent missed the tackle, rolled, and the ref had to cool. And great job truly are a stud!
I'm still working on this big custom safari themed order which I'm hoping to post some pictures of please check back. Have a great day- Marnie V.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Preview- My Son Austin's Room

Hello....just taking a break from a HUGE custom job I'm working and I need to step away from for a little bit. I've been showing little bits of my home every couple of weeks and today I'm bringing you my youngest son Austin's room. He is a serious trinket collector, football lover, book reader, and the sweetest 9 yr. old ever! The letter A above I made when we first moved in, the wood came from scraps that my house was built with. Oh and the foot on the wall...that's a football fathead...of course.
Austin's bed where he loves to read. These are some of his favorite books, but he switches them out from time to time. The little wooden box usually has some sort of special rock or whatever in it, and clay mask he made at school.
When he was a baby, he loved Curious George, and I wish I had pictures of his nursery. Just picture, modern furniture, butter cream walls, vintage prints of Curious George on the wall, toys in baskets on the most adorable scalloped bookcase, and vintage charm.
And of course, my first ever Rocket Dog that I painted adorns a wall in his room.

His trophies that he has earned sits along his shelf. The shelf shown actually wraps around his entire room. I built it myself...a lot of work but completely worth it. Austin loves putting things on display in his room. The picture on the left he colored and received second place in an art contest.
The famous walkie talkies( not sure is i spelled that right), that he is always having me carry one around the house...just in case he needs me to bring him something.
I also installed this garage bead board in silver then added hooks and string so Austin could play with all his little men. This is below the shelf and a really smart idea I had, he loves it.
And...what better thing to hang on your door than a "Are you fan enough" sticker. It's football related...I know..didn't get it at first either.
Well, I better get back to this order and hope you enjoyed the pics! Have a great day and will soon show more of my home...Marnie V.