Thursday, August 20, 2009

So amongst everything else going on I've decided to add another product into my line...these adorable mobiles. They are made out of eco-friendly wood that hang from a simple rod, which then hangs directly from the ceiling. I am offering them in pinks, yellow/greens, blues, and orange tones(not shown). They are available now in the shop.
Back to shipping orders...have a great day. Marnie V.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What Vacation

I'm back from vacation...well, I've been back actually. The picture above is me and I completely look exhausted in this picture, which cracks me up because I was. It was the most rewarding and exhausting trip I have ever taken. We had a blast though and so did my kids. The picture below is my son Austin walking along the Vietnam Memorial checking out all the names of the men who died. If you look there is a reflection with my husband David and my son Jacob in the picture as well. It was really something to see.

I came back over a week ago but have been slammed in work. And honestly, I'm still slammed, so if i don't make it onto this blog everyday for the next couple of weeks...just bare with me. I just finished a show in LA Cali. and am currently having a show in Dallas, which I'm not even attending. Let's hope my showroom rep writes some good orders for me. With all the work I have to do and throwing my 12 year old a birthday party tomorrow, that's my excuse for not attending. I'll be sure to come back on next week to post on a few new items and about my first art show in a gallery ..that I am so excited for.'s time to get this party going!
Have a great weekend- Marnie V.