Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rocket Dog Travels to the Moon

It amazes me when my brain juices start flowing when it comes to creating. I am having so much fun with my Rocket Dog line. So here is another. Hawk travels to the moon. I love the colors in this painting as well. I have a thing for blue, as you can see. This painting will have a new happy home at ART251 next week along with some others. I also painted a smaller version of this exact painting for my Etsy shop, so go check it out. And I am creating more and can't wait to show all of you. So exciting....
Well, my day is packed full of painting, shipping, paperwork, and of course, my 2 hours of teaching swim class this morning. Keep checking back to see more-Marnie V.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jersey Boys in Dallas

I have been very busy entertaining family this week that are in from out of town, just in case you were wondering why I haven't been blogging. We have been swimming, eating, etc.
So last night we went to see the play Jersey Boys in Dallas. Wow! It was amazing. It really is cool to see how talented some of these actors are. We had a blast, and it wasn't due to the few beers we had. Well, I'm off to the water park today, then dinner, and then the Rodeo in Fort Worth. My niece is even shopping right now for cowgirl boots to wear. A girl can't be without her boots.
I guess I'll be putting mine on. Have a great weekend, and I 'll be back next week to shout out some more news about J. AUSTIN Ryan.
xoxo-Marnie V.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Southern Livings Idea House 2008

Hello everyone,
Just sending a shout out to click on the link below to see the Alpha Tree in the Southern Living Idea House for 2008. They also added a few other of my pieces, so next week when your at the store, pick up the August issue of Southern Living Magazine. Thanks for looking....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day with the Boys

Today I am officially not going to do any work, except swim class. I have family coming in a few days and we need to prepare. Running to stores and cleaning house are on the agenda. I'm sure I will be checking emails for those who i am in contact right now.
I think my boys are a little shocked at the whole mom not working today, because that's all I do.
And I have so many business needs to attend to but a day without work is definitely needed.
I'm off to start the day-Marnie

Monday, July 14, 2008

My List

I haven't been on this blog for a week due to a huge to do list. I am shipping out today my last order that has been placed within the last 2 weeks. That really is amazing to me. I have not been without shipping an order since January. Wow! And thank you to all.
But, I am still feeling overwhelmed. I am finishing up some more new Rocket Dog paintings this week, and they have to get done. I will be placing them in a new Art Gallery called ART251. Please go check out the site and there blog. They will be the first to get all of my new Rocket Dog's. I am very excited about them. Let's just say Robots, Earth, and more are coming.

So my other to do list. I have about 10 images to load onto my website, and I have no time. I also need to write a press release and send it out to everyone on earth. Oh yes, the list is long. And to top it off, I have family coming to visit later this week and my house needs a major up do.
Of course, my kids don't know it yet, but this week will be full of cleaning. And don't forget about my swim classes that I have to teach.
I think I've mentioned just a few things that need to get done this week. Well, I'm off to write my own list of to dos and one for my kiddos.
Have a great day! xoxo Marnie

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hawk loves his Planet

Here is my latest addition to Etsy. I have been collecting old maps, well my mom goes to estate sales and brings them to me, and then I use them in my artwork. I love this little painting. The mix of the light muted colors on the map really comes out against the navy background.
Don't forget to look at the Etsy site for I am uploading new items everyday.
My main site will be getting more added to it as well this weekend. Much going on around here in J. AUSTIN Ryan land and it's time to wake up the elves(my boys)!
Have a great day! Marnie V.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Completing Projects

I have definitely gotten better with managing time for all of my projects. And it's really not that easy, especially being an artist. I also know that all artists can bet on this with me in that they do the same thing.
Being an artist, any kind that is, your brain is constantly spinning with ideas. And when you have other things to get done, it is completely normal to push the important things aside and work on some new inspiration that has popped into your brain. Now this doesn't count when you have a burst of inspiration that needs to come out at 2am. So with that said, I have completely learned how to control my inspiration for only the appropriate times.
And let me tell you it's not easy now that I opened up this Etsy site. For example, today I am first finishing up an Etsy painting and will then be adding to the site. Then I am finishing one last painting for a big order that is shipping tomorrow.
On Tuesday, I will be shipping that monster order and painting three small paintings for another store. And that order will ship on Wednesday.
By the end of the week my goal is to completely work on only Rocket Dog. I have a few new things coming in that series so please stay tuned.
Well I'm off to start my day and keeping with my schedule. First on the list, which I didn't mention, I am teaching swim class today.
Have a great day!-Marnie

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Hello

I am taking a break from my life of painting to tell you about my piece that I added on Etsy today. I titled it "First Hello". Isn't it so cute. I love the baby blue against the white fence. And the birds are so sweet. One is even getting a bit bashful. Well, lunch break( whom am I kidding) is almost over and my boys are out on a bike ride and due back soon. Hopefully they won't be bringing back any more pets...

It even looks perfect in this pretty white frame. Have a great day- Marnie V.