Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are going to the SUPER BOWL!

It's Sunday morning, coffee in hand, and I'm blogging. I don't usually come on this blog bragging about my boys athleticism but my silence has to be broken for this. My son Ryan, who is 11, is a stud at football. Or maybe I should say ROCK STAR according to my friend Mel. He plays a few different positions depending on the plays. Running back, tight end, wide receiver, and maybe a few others. He averages at least 2 or more touchdowns a game...HONESTLY! But to be even more honest, his entire team plays just as well. Their coaches Pat and Donovan, who we love, have brought a team together like no other. These boys have formed the most amazing bond and love for these coaches.
So back to Ryan. Ryan honestly has something here. My husband and I have been watching him and his moves. It will take at least three people to tackle him down. My husband always asks him before the game, " How many people will it take to bring you down?" And Ryan says, " At least twelve Dad." We watch him in amazement though, when he drives through a line and the other team is hanging on him but he keeps going. It actually is hilarious at times. His legs don't stop moving and that is the key.
It's pretty normal for someone on the other team to come over and tell him what a great job he did. I even had the commissioner tell me that the board talks about Ryan. And that's when I knew my thoughts about how talented he was really came into focus. But what he has, came from his hard work.
Ryan practices all the time as well. Everyday after school Ryan , Austin , and I go outside and throw at least 500 passes, between all three of us. then I turn into Quarterback Mom and Ryan will tell me his plays and I will throw. He never misses a catch. Well, maybe one. All three of my boys also get together with the over 20 kids that live on my street, and they play football every day. Most of the boys play high school and middle school ball. So Ryan has been getting a lot of practice. He loves how well he is doing and he knows that practice makes perfect! He's not perfect don't think I'm a snob. But even my son Austin, who has been working on his catching this year, is awesome now too. I truly believe in getting your kids outside and working on things that will in return make them a better player. It will also boost their confidence. Ryan is in the white pants.
So, like I said they made it through the finals and are going to the super bowl! They play in 2 weeks and I will definitely keep you posted on the results. I don't have great pictures, but to see more great pictures go to this site. Jacob Munford, who is are Star Tackler on the team, his dad Jason Munford, is an amazing photographer. Please go check out his work. And look for the Panthers in black. Well, today is claimed as GETTING READY FOR TURKEY DAY. Cleaning house, a little grocery shopping, playing football, and watching football. Happy Sunday! Marnie V.


Kathleen said...

Congratulations! Proud mamas are always allowed to brag! :-)

Go Ryan!!!

Ako said...

Was Ryan wearing white pants yesterday? He is so good, I am amazed and comment about him to Phil all the time. He is so fun to watch. Good for you mama, for practicing with him at home!

Panthers to the super bowl!!