Monday, November 10, 2008

My Balancing Act

Honestly...this is me. Trying to balance all of my duties everyday. And, to be quite honest, this is how I feel most days. I'm not perfect, for any of you who remotely thought at the least that I was. I don't always get things done on my list, but of course I do eventually. I'm actually a little behind on my schedule of getting things done as of right now. But, I'm slowly accomplishing things in my everyday life, and my nuts haven't fallen to the ground just quite yet.
So I'll be honest again, this little painting was also inspired by the little squirrels that run around my yard all day long collecting nuts for the winter. They are so funny to watch and find myself watching them for minutes on end instead of working. Sometimes I have to close my blinds so I get my work done.
It's time to get back to balancing my day and getting 3/4th's of my list done, hopefully!
Have a great day! Marnie

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Kathleen said...

I hear ya about the balancing act. Hope you are finding time for taking care of YOU along with everything else. :-)

Such a cute painting! We have lots of squirrels running around our yard too, and a walnut tree next door. It's fun to watch them carrying walnuts around.