Monday, September 29, 2008

New Art Up

Hello...what's it been about a week since I've been on this blog. Well, I've been busy creating and doing a lot of side contract work for clients. I'm also in a hurry today because I honestly have so much to accomplish today but wanted to tell you about my new works on ETSY.
Above is titled "Hawk wants a Gumball." I love it, and it's so cute. I think it would even look great in a kitchen next to the pantry.

This one I love. "This is for you Hawk." A little squirrel sharing his snack. I love the background color on this one. I am having so much fun with all of these little paintings that I've created, and I hope you all are enjoying them as well.
Well..Enjoy your day and wish I could stay on here longer today but I have deadlines!
Have a great day.-Marnie V.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rocket Dog Discovers the Universe

What a week. It went by so fast and I can't believe it's Friday. And I promised to blog everyday and didn't. Maybe I'll shoot for that goal next week. Well, I have some new art going to the gallery ART251. It's called "Rocket Dog Discovers the Universe". I think it turned out really well.
If you want it click HERE to contact the gallery. You better act fast though, they have been selling out of all my Rocket Dogs..which is awesome, love that.

I have also been adding a lot more items to my ETSY shop and I keep promising to add things to my other site, but I have just been very busy filling orders. But I haven't forgotten and it will get done. I have a lot going on with some changes as well so please stay tuned.
This is one of my new paintings that literally lasted an hour on Etsy before it sold. So I decided to make another which is pictured below. This time I added a cute little rabbit. Please go to my site to see the rest. I have also added some pocket mirrors that were made by an artist on ETSY named Timssally.
She does custom work with mrrors, magnets, etc. Go check her she site out, she has some great items as well. And she does a great job at that. Thanks again Timssally.
Well I'm off to deliver more art to the gallery, then to UPS, then to Home Depot to buy black widow spider killer spray, and then back to the studio to paint. Then my three boys will be coming home to make sure I killed the spider. Honestly that is my top priority today according to my son Austin. Have a great weekend. Marnie V.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Football, Football, and more Football

So I've been a little absent from the blog lately, but I have an excuse. Managing three boys with football these days is quite overwhelming along with growing this business that I've started. Football is constantly on my mind. And why shouldn't it be, six days a week is the schedule. Yes, six days. Sunday is our only day of rest..oh wait the pros play that day...TV all day.
I even went for a three mile run this morning, I'm a die hard runner, and instead of thinking about what I need to accomplish with my business, I thought about football. I thought about how my son Ryan, who plays running back for his team, has a scrimmage today. I was even running his plays that he has had to learn through my head...that is so sad.
I have come to the conclusion that I love football, love to watch my boys play it, and to see how much they enjoy it. My son Austin, who is pictured above, can't get enough of it.
Well, on to business news. I have many things going on that I will start posting about tomorrow. I am really going to try to start posting every day. I think I might have to do it at night though because I am so tied with my morning routine. So please check back this week for news, I have much to tell. I'm off to start my day of work with shipping orders, painting, and thinking about football...can't forget about that! Have a great day!-Marnie V.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Featured in IndulgeDFW

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Hey everyone...just sending out a shout about a write up on me in IndulgeDFW
Please check out the link below to go straight to the article. Then if you click on the article it will enlarge it so you are able to read. It's all true except the part about me teaching at the Y for swimming. I did teach swimming at a place called Aqua Kids swim school .
But I recently left due to the overwhelming fantastic response that I've had with my art.
Thanks for checking out.-Marnie

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Handmade Kids Contest on ETSY!

I have been absent from this blog for about a week, and I'm feeling horrible about it. I honestly just have not had any time. I have been busy with contract illustration work, contract mural jobs on the weekend, my three boys playing football(CRAZY), my J. AUSTIN Ryan line, and ETSY.
But I decided today to jump on and tell you about the Handmade Kids contest going on at Etsy through Sept. 8th.
I entered my Rocket Dog, which is pictured below on bottom left, and out of over 3,000 entries....I made the top 40. I feel so honored because of all the talent on Etsy. Well, please go and cast your vote in the Art section and look for Rocket Dog.
And while your there, vote in all the other categories as well.

The Rocket Dog painting below on the right is a new piece done especially for the Art Gallery Art251.
Isn't it cool. I love it. The title of it is called Rocket City. I won't be reproducing this painting or printing it. So, if your interested in it contact the Gallery and they will be happy with your purchase. It's a mixed media of vintage papers that were used for the city scape and acrylic paints. Well, I am creating more Rocket Dogs and can't wait to upload them onto my Etsy, so please check back soon. Have a great day!- Marnie V.