Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving to Charity

At least twice a month I give to local and nationwide charities that usually involve children. And with the local, I usually attend. But, between football and sick kids, this time I was absent. Over the weekend an organization, known as Rotary, got together and put on a silent auction to raise funds to build another medical clinic in Nicaragua. The clinic is for children and their families to receive the medical treatments that they all need. It's a great cause and I've been donating my art for the past couple of years. And, it feels great to know that I was apart of it. I even get my boys involved when charity comes around. I always show them what I'm donating and always ask one of them to wrap it up for me. Because of it, they have become more understanding of what goes on in other parts of the world.
So above is a print, along with the frame, of what I donated. It's titled "Happy Day". I heard it did fantastic at the event, let's just say their were bids on it before it hit the table. LOVE that! Way to go Hawk. Well, I have a son home sick AGAIN and I'm doing custom orders today and shipping and ....oh you know...EVERYTHING! Have a wonderful day. Marnie V.

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