Thursday, November 6, 2008

Custom Art with Hawk

It's 8:40 am, GIANT cup of coffee in my hand, and I'm finally at the computer. My day is filled with work! To be point blank. I'll be on the computer most of the morning gathering info of my products for a new online store...YEAH! That wants my Art. YEAH again! And my oldest son Jacob is getting braces today. I am still amazed at how big he has gotten and how proud we are of him. He just finished a successful season of football, which he rocked at, gets fantastic grades, and has started a bit of charity work. Love him.
So, now on to Hawk. The photo above is a custom little painting I did through the Gallery ART251. The customer wanted Hawk giving Gabby a rose. What a great idea she had to create such a beautiful design. And the finished product I gave is simply lovely. I may just have to do a little painting of something similar.

And a little up date on the little Chiwawa. The owner Kim emailed me yesterday and told me her boys wanted to meet the artist who painted a picture of their dog. I immediately had tears in my eyes and thought how cool those boys are for wanting to meet the artist. So, I went over to meet them yesterday and they are so sweet. They thanked me and told me His name, which is SKIPPY. And told me how he smiled exactly how I painted him. I was so touched and really felt like I had done something good. I do charity work all the time, but this was definitely different.

Well, my coffee already needs a refill and I have to accomplish a few things before I pull my son out for his have a great day.-Marnie V.

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Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh, this is SO cute!!! I really love how you painted Hawks back legs in this, lol.

I remember getting braces, no fun! Hope they go on easier these days.

RIP Skippy. I too loved how you painted his smile.