Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decorating and a day of Rest!

Hello! I took a couple days off this week to revamp my creative spirit. I have been going and going these past couple of weeks with no down time in between. Painting, business duties, and my boys have definitely caught up with me in an overwhelming way. So, I decided Monday night that I would take a couple of days for myself.
It was perfect. I did a little house work, not much, my house is pretty tidy all the time. My husband and I are neat freaks. And, I finished decorating the rest of my house for Halloween. So what do you think?

My boys, of course think it's not scary enough, I told them little children won't want to come up to the door if it's too scary. I have a little graveyard, tons of spooky spiders, and a giant web on the front of my home.

I even purchased this little rat cage with three rats in it and bloody bones. It's so disgusting! But my boys love it.

With these two days off of simply checking emails only, i feel completely recharged and ready to jump in again. With the business of course. I have so much to do, especially with a show coming up next week. Well, have a great day and don't mean to run, the two days I took off made me a little behind in my schedule. Marnie


Ako said...

Love the rats in the cage!

Julie said...

Looks awesome. I know what you mean about needing time. I am so past that point. I will be posting on my blog soon. I have had some hard times to work though. I think I am about ready to share agaun.
I am looking forward to a very quite November and December. Have an awesome show!!