Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Artist Marnie V. paints the nursery ceiling of Mariah Carey and Nick Canon

Hello everyone.....it's been a while and i hope everyone realizes that I've been very busy. I obviously put my clients first before I blog since I'm barely on here. It's hard but the orders are stacking:).
A month ago, I had the honor of working with Gail Sedigh of AFK.
Creating gorgeous nurseries in LA Ca. is was she does best. Everything, from her own line of furniture, decor, linens, drapes, and accessories......she brings it all in. She is the manufacturer which is even cooler.
So when Mariah asked for Gail to create her nursery for her two little babies.....Gail was so sweet to think of me to do Mariah's dreamy ceiling. I also painted the window and the scene inside for her. It was a pretty garden scene with little lambs in it. But, after I left, Mariah loved the ceiling so much that she wanted the clouds to be in the window. so she hired a local artist in LA to copy my ceiling. I think the garden scene actually would have been pretty in the room, but the dreamy sky...is breath taking:). It was an amazing experience and met some amazing people. Along with Mariah and Nick themselves.
I also was happy to here that my ceiling is her favorite part!......Thanks Mariah!

Well.....have a great week- Marnie V.