Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hawk is Taking Over

I have filled my Etsy with more art and I'm in love with some of the new pieces. I also heart how I am getting so many new customers who are enjoying this series as well. But, besides creating art about a dog, I also have my other line which is basically my main site. I will be updating that site later this week with Rocket Dog as well and I can't wait to show you what will be coming in the next couple of weeks.
I am adding a Safari line, because so many of my stores are requesting that, and some new Rocket Dog's as well.
My list of things that need to get done during each day are actually getting somewhat accomplished, well at least my business duties. My three boys start school next week and all three start football as well. We have started school shopping but not quite done yet. Last thing on that list is the need for more football gear. And, I'm getting hounded to take them to the skateboard park for the last time before school starts," maybe this Friday" I tell them.
So today starts a huge next couple of weeks of filling orders and shipping. And in between, replying to emails from companies that want to carry my art in their store....Yeah! I even sent out a quote to Hong Kong yesterday for a new children's Art Gallery that is opening up called Milk Monster Laughs Gallery. Love that name. And I love how people all over the world are finding me. Sometimes I ask myself "Who am I?"
Well, the person that I know is off with little sleep this week due to running her own business and taking care of a household. And that's who I am.
Have a great day! Marnie V.

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