Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Studio 2011

I snapped this photo this morning of my studio. As many of you know and those who don't, it sits in the left section of my home, here in Fort Worth Texas. We are experiencing snow and ice this past week, which keeps me all tied up between entertaining my boys and filling orders. Speaking of orders..these name banners below are a couple of some new ones being shipped out. I also have new characters that I introduced at some trade shows last week and were a huge hit. I'll be loading them on my ETSY shop over the stay tuned.
Check out the new cowboy boot, this one is a girl version, but a boy one is available as well. The bumble and the heart are great too. Wait till you see the others I have...camper, fox, yellow bear, apple, pear ,and a few more. These name banners can be ordered through my ETSY shop. Or simply contact me at
Have a great super bowl weekend! Marnie V.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed and Iced in :(

Just letting all my customers know to expect a 3-5 day delay on any orders that have shipped within the past 3 days. UPS and the postal service have notified me to let me know, since I'm a frequent customer. Texas, the Fort Worth area that I live in is under ice, which makes driving conditions horrible and in some areas not possible. I can't even ship out any more orders until this Friday..maybe. I'll go back to painting and hibernating.
Thanks for understanding- Marnie V.