Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have some GREAT news to share....J.AUSTIN Ryan is going to Los Angelas! Starting in March, my line of art that is sold to stores will be in the THEA SHOWROOM in LA! Owners Brandi and Rebeka also have a showroom in Dallas and that's how we met. Brandi, who is beautiful, fell in love with my line....and I'm just so excited. Excited to have my art in the state where I'm originally from. Did I mention that I'm so excited!!!!
Ok...I'm going to go celebrate some more while I'm painting orders. Have a great day-Marnie V.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lovely Little Paintings

So I've been pretty busy around my neck of the woods. Between contract work, the line I sell to stores, and the Hawk collection(new term), I am still finding time to sleep.
I've also been creating lovely little paintings for Valentines Day in my ETSY shop, which are pictured above.
And with all of this, I wanted to do something fun for my buyers. I've decided to add a new lovely little painting starting on February 1st-the 7th(everyday)in my shop. And I'll also be featuring it on my blog and giving it's little story behind it. Each painting will reflect Valentines day and the ones we love, hence why I'm calling these lovely little paintings. Each painting will also be available for purchase in the shop....just in case you love it.
The last painting, on February 7th, will be a giveaway painting. I'll post the painting on my blog, and will pick a random winner from the comments a couple days later(Feb. 9th). That way, you can receive your little painting by Valentines Day.
What's really cool, is that these lovely little paintings are going to be one-of-a-kind...Valentine me...Marnie don't miss out! And tell all your friends...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How I'm feeling

I just came off a Dallas Show that lasted six days. So with all honesty, this is how I'm feeling right now and will be for the next week...or two.


And ending every night with a big fat glass of WINE!
Have a great weekend-Marnie V.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"An Aussies Life"

Just a wanted to share a commissioned piece through the Gallery Art251 that I created. I have been do a lot of commission work with them lately and I don't always share, but this one definitely needs to be seen.
The customer has two Australian Shepherd dogs who supposedly love to run and play. She wanted a forest, waterhole, and my midnight sky. I hope she likes it. Thanks for looking. I'll be back.....getting ready for a show. Marnie

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dropping In

I'm dropping in to say I'll be a little absent from this blog for over a week. I am preparing for a huge show in Dallas that starts next week. Dates below.

Dallas Total Home and Gift Market
Jan. 14-21st 2009
Kids World Studio
Showroom # 8701-45 8th floor
World Trade Center Building

Thank you for 2008 for all your support and I really look forward to sharing more with you in 2009!
Have a great weekend.
Marnie V.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First little Art of the Year!

And the first piece of art of the year is " Love and Devotion". My friend Mario actually titled it for me....thanks Mario! A sweet little painting of Henry and Tank giving big hugs to their friend Hawk. The background is painted in mixed tones of pinks and oranges. I also put a sweet polka dot pattern on the background, and I think it really added a lot to the piece. Back to painting! Have a great day! Marnie

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Again!

Hello Everyone and hope you all had a wonderful we did. We spent tons of time with the boys, well, all our time. I didn't even paint once over the past two weeks, I guess I actually took a mini vacation. And of course, it felt absolutely wonderful. We ate tons of great food, attended a few Holiday parties, and spent time with family. We also celebrated 2 birthday boys in the family which included parties. Jacob my oldest is now And Austin my youngest is 9.

We also picked up a new family hobby, paintball. Yes, I'm doing it too. It is so fun and what a stress reliever. My husband even bought me a pink paintball is so cute, I'll have to post a picture of it. It's also amazing how serious some of these players are and how many other families are joining in on the fun as well. Here are some photos from one of the trips.

Austin and Dave getting ready!
Jacob after target practice!
The owners dog was even wondering around welcoming
everyone with a little game of fetch! He was so sweet!

So now onto business news. I have a big next couple of weeks ahead. Starting Jan. 14th - 21st, I have a show in Dallas. This show is for my stores and it's the biggest of the year. So, let's just say I'm busy creating new art that needs to be up in two weeks. I am adding around 7 new pieces to the line and can't wait for them to be seen.
I am also going to be sending out newsletters starting in February. And every other month after that. So, If you'd like to be added on my email list, send me your email and put newsletter in the subject line. Email- or click on my contact info
I am also creating a new banner for my blog so look for that soon. And of course, many new pieces of art for the new year.
For the Hawk series I will be adding many more animals and I'll be incorporating furniture pieces into the art as well. I used to have to draw up samples of furniture where I worked before so that will be coming back for me. Let's just say Hawks home is filled with mid-century modern and classic..can't wait to show.
Well, I've said enough today and need to get back to creating. Don't forget to check out the shop daily for new art. Have a great day! Marnie