Friday, September 19, 2008

Rocket Dog Discovers the Universe

What a week. It went by so fast and I can't believe it's Friday. And I promised to blog everyday and didn't. Maybe I'll shoot for that goal next week. Well, I have some new art going to the gallery ART251. It's called "Rocket Dog Discovers the Universe". I think it turned out really well.
If you want it click HERE to contact the gallery. You better act fast though, they have been selling out of all my Rocket Dogs..which is awesome, love that.

I have also been adding a lot more items to my ETSY shop and I keep promising to add things to my other site, but I have just been very busy filling orders. But I haven't forgotten and it will get done. I have a lot going on with some changes as well so please stay tuned.
This is one of my new paintings that literally lasted an hour on Etsy before it sold. So I decided to make another which is pictured below. This time I added a cute little rabbit. Please go to my site to see the rest. I have also added some pocket mirrors that were made by an artist on ETSY named Timssally.
She does custom work with mrrors, magnets, etc. Go check her she site out, she has some great items as well. And she does a great job at that. Thanks again Timssally.
Well I'm off to deliver more art to the gallery, then to UPS, then to Home Depot to buy black widow spider killer spray, and then back to the studio to paint. Then my three boys will be coming home to make sure I killed the spider. Honestly that is my top priority today according to my son Austin. Have a great weekend. Marnie V.

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