Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mid Week and Painting

Hello.. I am here, just painting as usual. I am getting out my last Dallas show order this week. It will feel so good when UPS shows up for the pickup. Then I will be taking a couple of days off from painting to get my house back in order. Not that I'm not keeping it picked up, it just needs a good deep cleaning. My two youngest Ryan and Austin know how busy I have been, so they told me today that they are going to help. They are so sweet.
On a another note, this weekend I am heading down to Fort Worth for the Art Festival. My girlfriend and I went last year and we are continuing the tradition this year. The show is filled with all different types of artists selling all different kinds of things. We usually tend to gravitate towards the jewelry artists. I have never tried to show at this event because I have accounts in the area and I have to support my local stores. Plus, I love being able to walk around and buy from other artists.
Can't wait!
On Monday I will be back to filling orders and adding some more items in the Home Decor section, so check back for those.
Have a great day-Marnie

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