Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bird Family

I have been secretly watching a family of birds for a couple of weeks now. Outside of my son Jacob's room, lives a sweet bird family. Mama, Papa, and three little ones. Just like our family. We have watched the eggs hatch, Mama nesting on her eggs, and then they hatched. And of course, did not have my camera on me during those times. So today, I noticed the baby birds have left the nest. They are off learning to fly and I can't find them. But Mama and Papa know where they are. Here is Mama above watching out for them, where ever they are.

And here is Mama and Papa looking from the nest. What great parents. These birds got me thinking of my own family and how my kids are growing so fast and will someday be leaving the nest. And, I know sometimes I look forward to those day's but it really makes me sad. I do enjoy every day with them, including all the hard day's now and still to come.
Ok... now I'll wipe my tears and get back to painting. -Marnie

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