Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green and Clean

I am officially taking a couple of days off from filling orders to clean. Let's just say I really have no other choice considering we had another big storm last night. And yes, my pool looks like Shrek again, and I am gracefully trying to get it back to normal. My house needs a little TLC as well.
We are also having a garage sale this weekend! Yeah...I love this time of year. My boys have already cleaned out their closets and their clothes. I really think I could open up a store, we have so many clothes that are going to SELL...sell...Sell.
My kids get in on it as well. I usually make some muffins and OJ to have for hungry shoppers. They are truly great salesman. Just like the annoying people that hound you when you walk by the perfume department...yeah..that's them.
Here in Texas they only allow you to two garage sales a year. Not everywhere, but in most cities that is the law. I love that because, we look forward to it more and it's not so much a chore.

In Cali where I am from, you can have a garage sale every weekend, and yes, I had neighbors who took part in those festivities.
So, I'm off to clean the green pool and the rest of my green home.
Have a great day! Marnie V.

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