Monday, April 7, 2008

Sick Dog & New Products

Again....haven't blogged in a couple of days but I am so busy. And my pour dog Hawk had to be taken to the vet today for a bad bug bite on his foot.Ouch! he is feeling better now that the Doc gave him a nice shot of something. Hawk is basically a bug, mouse, rat, or anything that crawls catcher. He loves torturing bugs with his paw and that's how it happened. Love you Hawk, but I guess it's time to hire a real bug exterminator since you are out on sick leave.

Ok ....Coming up with more artwork, while filling orders at the same time has been very difficult lately. But before my show last week, I manged to get some time in. I introduced these two new pieces.

The one above is called "House of Owls". It will be available in certain sizes and only in these colors. i used recycled watercolor paper for the leaves on the tree. So cute, and did well for it's first show I might say.

My second piece is titled "The Bear Family". Very fun and cute. Again I used watercolor paper which gives great texture. Both of these paintings are on a cream background. I really wanted a natural woodsy feel to the painting. Another great addition to the show as well. Look for these on the site within a week, and more in the series to come. Back to painting-Marnie

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