Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am off today to see a client for a commissioned piece of her dog. And with that in mind, I decided to tell all of you about our dog named HAWK. Most people, who don't know my kids, don't understand why we named him Hawk. He is named after Tony Hawk the professional skateboarder. When we lived in Ca., Tony lived about 15 min. from our house. He even built a skate park down the street from our house. If you hadn't guessed, my boys love to skateboard.

But, what is really amazing about our dog, is his name fits him perfectly. He is a RAT TERRIER. These types of dog's perform in the circus. No, we don't send him off with Ringling Bros., but he definitely shows off when other people are around.
He does everything. The smartest dog ever. He will wake me up in the middle of the night if one of my boys are sick. Yes, he really does. He can ride a skateboard, loves to play soccer, and he can even trap a soccer ball. That's when the ball is in the air and comes down. He will catch the ball in the air and bring it to the ground. He loves to swim and fetch the balls in the pool.

One day, the neighbor behind me threw his frizbee over my fence and it landed in the pool. Hawk looked at me, and I said " Go get it." He jumped in, got the frizbee, and dropped it over by the fence. He knew it was the neighbors. I could go on with stories, but I don't want to be a bore.
If you have gone through my website to look at my paintings, you will notice that i have a painting called Rocket Dog. That is Hawk. He is our super hero. I am working on more Adventures of Rocket Dog, and hope to have them out in a couple of months. I have sold quite a few and my clients want to see more. He is famous in our neighborhood. All the kids come over to see him. And he loves them as well. Everyone tells us, " Can I have your Dog?" I would love to make a book out of him. he is such an inspiring dog to us, that I want to write about him. He has given my entire family so much love the past three years, and we are ready to enjoy many more.

We love you HAWK xoxoxoxo

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