Monday, February 4, 2008


I stumbled across this room setting from a beautiful baby store in Georgia called B. Braithwaite. A mother and daughter created this most amazing store after a trip to Paris. But what drew me to this picture was that it is exactly what my room looked like when i was a little girl. White walls, simple white and birch furniture. Except, the hearts in my room were in a single straight line going around the middle of the room. My childhood is what inspired me to create my modern hearts. I added some other bright colors in just to give it more conversation. And that it did. And just as i expected, they are selling very well. They are one of my top sellers and for reasons being. My clients have bought them for children of all ages. Baby, kids, and teens to be exact.
And almost every person who has purchased them have all said the same thing, " The Modern Hearts are so bright and happy, I have to have them and my daughter is going to love them."

And I am so happy that my customers are enjoying them as much as I have.

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