Friday, February 1, 2008


I am so happy that February is here. I just finished my last order of pictures from the Dallas Show...Yeah!

I decided that everyday in February, up until Valentines Day, I will post something creative or inspirational. So my first items of creativity and inspiration for February the 1st are a clean studio, in which I do every Friday, and my sweet Love Chick paintings, that have been a huge hit since I launched them on the site.

Every Friday I organize and clean my studio. Catch up on all the paperwork for the week, invoice clients for the following week, and tell myself that I WILL be painting over the weekend.

I LOVE white and clean as you can see.
I even have a pretty chandelier hanging from my fan.

I keep everything very organized.

Plus it looks so pretty.

3 comments: said...

Beautiful! :-)

marnie vollenhals said...

Thank you! A short but sweet compliment!

Mookie said...

Love it all. Your kids are so cute