Sunday, February 10, 2008


Themed artwork is becoming more popular within stores these days. I had some stores purchase this adorable painting to add to there Valentine gift section.
I came up with this design before Christmas not even thinking about Valentines Day. I just wanted to create a pretty painting that would be perfect for a little girls nursery.

So, when I am coming up with designs, I write down a list of items and ideas as to what I am wanting to create. This was my list for this particular painting.
  1. a modern tree
  2. pink colored hues as dominant color
  3. hearts (of course)
  4. cute abstract birds
  5. add texture by felt and hand-made printed paper
  6. I wanted this painting to be able to fit with a number of different decors in a nursery.

That was my list, and you see the finished product. I named the painting " LOVE "
because to me the painting sets off happiness and warmth. And everyone who has seen it just smiles. And that tells me that they LOVE it.

Thank you reading!


Anonymous said...

I am toally feelin the love! I think your style is so crisp and refreshing. Keep up the good work!

marnie vollenhals said...

Thank you Julie, I love hearing back comments, especially from an artist/designer like yourself!