Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My First Art Gallery

What a week! Besides staying on schedule with being an artist, I still have a huge list to accomplish this week. And it didn't help that yesterday, my good friend Carrie and I, cruised into Dallas yesterday for lunch and to add things to my showroom. The trip took away from getting more things done in the studio, but I definitely needed the time away. We had a blast. We ate lunch at this little vegetarian restaurant called " Cosmic Cafe". It was so good and the decor was so artsy. Even the outside of the little cafe was so bright and fun. I will definitely be making my way back there. And it was great catching up with a friend and just simply getting out of my studio. I feel refreshed and ready for my busy week.
So my day today is filled with painting, shipping, working on a new product(secret), and going to an event tonight. I have told you before and mentioned a cool new art gallery that has opened up in my city. It's called ART251 and the opening night is tonight. I feel so honored to have been chosen to join this fabulous studio full of other talented artists. And this is my first Gallery, besides Dallas, to be in....so exciting.
Even one of the owners, Mike, is an amazing photographer. And Kim, his wife, has a fantastic eye for art. I'm also thinking she has some hidden artistic talent that may emerge from opening this gallery. They have been working around the clock to open this gallery and are so sweet to invite us for a night of casual conversation and to view some amazing talent.
I will be showing my Rocket Dog series there and am very excited to see how well it does. Hawk the dog is definitely making himself known around the world.
Well, my day is starting with swim class for a couple of hours and then to my studio it is until tonight. I think by then the wine and cheese will be tasting even better and much needed. I also think I will be bringing Mike and Kim a bottle of their own. Have a great day!- Marnie V.

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