Monday, August 11, 2008

A Drive into Dallas

After swim class today I'm off to Dallas. I have a show that starts on Thursday, of this week, and I'm adding some new art to the walls. Well, just a few new new pieces. But it all has to be done before the show starts.
I'm bringing along my good friend Cari so she can finally see my showroom. Cari is pregnant with her first baby, let's just say she will be in baby heaven. My showroom in Dallas is on the 8th floor in the World Trade Center building. But it's all baby and kids on the 8th floor. It amazes me the different companies that women and men have created and brought into this fun industry. Get ready Cari....
Well, I am off. Besides taking a nice drive into Dallas, when I home it will be back to reality. I am up to my neck in orders to paint and ship.....yeah! I love that!-Marnie V.

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