Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Creating More

Being an artist is honestly something I have learned to be completely thankful for. I used to shun away comments when people would say " You are so talented...all I can draw is a stick." But, anyone can learn to draw, paint, or give some what of creativity in something they are interested in. Everyone is creative in some way.
I have really noticed how thankful my kids are that I am creative. They have turned into my PR group when it comes to telling anyone we know what I do. And I love that.
They even made a clip to put on UTube like they were on MTV Cribs. It was hilarious. They videoed themselves as if they were celebrities and then added me into. I was painting in the studio when they came in and told MTV who I was and what I did. If you have ever seen the show, they always go to the fridge and check out every ones food, yeah they did that to. I'll have to get the link from them so you all can watch it. So back to supporting Artists.

Artists need a lot of encouragement. I'm not saying that we are crying because we haven't heard the words " you are so talented" in a few weeks, but we do. Artists are constantly challenging themselves creatively and emotionally. But as hard as I work to becoming an established artist, I am enjoying every minute of it. Just wanted to share a little of my thoughts.
Now about the painting above. and more red. I love how red I made this painting. You can't miss it. Hawk looks so sweet in this painting along with the little lost bird. I titled it
" Where is Mama?" Love it and hope you do to.
Well, I'm off to start my day and enjoy yours...Marnie V.

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