Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Preview- My Son Austin's Room

Hello....just taking a break from a HUGE custom job I'm working and I need to step away from for a little bit. I've been showing little bits of my home every couple of weeks and today I'm bringing you my youngest son Austin's room. He is a serious trinket collector, football lover, book reader, and the sweetest 9 yr. old ever! The letter A above I made when we first moved in, the wood came from scraps that my house was built with. Oh and the foot on the wall...that's a football fathead...of course.
Austin's bed where he loves to read. These are some of his favorite books, but he switches them out from time to time. The little wooden box usually has some sort of special rock or whatever in it, and clay mask he made at school.
When he was a baby, he loved Curious George, and I wish I had pictures of his nursery. Just picture, modern furniture, butter cream walls, vintage prints of Curious George on the wall, toys in baskets on the most adorable scalloped bookcase, and vintage charm.
And of course, my first ever Rocket Dog that I painted adorns a wall in his room.

His trophies that he has earned sits along his shelf. The shelf shown actually wraps around his entire room. I built it myself...a lot of work but completely worth it. Austin loves putting things on display in his room. The picture on the left he colored and received second place in an art contest.
The famous walkie talkies( not sure is i spelled that right), that he is always having me carry one around the house...just in case he needs me to bring him something.
I also installed this garage bead board in silver then added hooks and string so Austin could play with all his little men. This is below the shelf and a really smart idea I had, he loves it.
And...what better thing to hang on your door than a "Are you fan enough" sticker. It's football related...I know..didn't get it at first either.
Well, I better get back to this order and hope you enjoyed the pics! Have a great day and will soon show more of my home...Marnie V.

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