Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seriously! What else!

Collage above is a custom Rocket Dog I'm working on right now for a client.

This past week has been seriously unpredictable, and not in a good way. We have had a few bad storms these past few days, and last night being the worst. I looked outside and it was basically a hurricane type whatever, even though we are not even in Hurricane season.
The bad thing is these storms cause my internet to go WACCO and it turn reflects on me not getting any computer work done at all. I have two trade shows coming up within the next couple of weeks so I'm scarily a little behind.
On top of all of this, football ends this week with my boys, parties and ends next week, so I need to go find teacher gifts and i go crazy doing so. And because our weather has been so crazy with the temperatures dropping and rising, my boys all have sore throats and the sneezing thing. We are battling football injuries as well...oh yeah...I could seriously go on and on.
But what topped it all off.
MY POOL IS GREEN! I hate when my pool is green. And, one of my neighbors behind me, there fence blew over into my yard last night...of course. Now I have to go around the block, bring our Home Owners Assoc. papers with me, and explain how since a certain part of the fence is on there side that they need to repair the fence. I'll let you know how that goes.
Ok..I'm done complaining and somewhat feeling a little better for doing so.
Have a wonderful day! Marnie V.


Kathleen Coy said...

Oh wow, I'm sorry it has been so crazy Marnie! I'm glad it felt good to vent, lol. It will be ok. Take a deep breath and just do what you can do.

Love your globe collage, btw. :-)

Anonymous said...

i love this collage! just found you...i'm in dallas too...