Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shop News!


What a long week I have had. First the Dallas show which lasted six days and picked up some new accounts. And second, I finally opened up an Etsy store...YEAH.....
I have been wanting and wanting to create more on my Rocket Dog series and now I am. I am so excited and can't wait to keep creating. I thought that Etsy would be the perfect fit because of how simple my illustrations are and will be.
So a little info on what will be arriving on Etsy.
I will be creating original paintings and prints of a suburban dog named Hawk. He roams in his backyard and seeks adventure, at least that's what he tries to create. I will also be adding other animals that live in his yard with him.
I have introduced Goalie, a goofy little gopher. He's already getting a lot of attention.

I can't wait to show and create more.
In other news....I will be painting, shipping, and getting ready for yet another show..ATLANTA.
Yes..J. AUSTIN Ryan will be going to Atlanta, Georgia for a Home and Gift show. It starts on July 8th and runs for about 7 days. The best part, I don't have to go. My rep will be selling..selling...selling. my boys are so happy that mom will be staying home. Of course, next year I'm sure I'll be making the trip, but they don't have to know that now.
Ok..I am going to sleep so i can be very well rested for a very crazy day tomorrow.
xoxo-Marnie V.

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