Monday, June 30, 2008

The Fabulous Art for Kids

Hello everyone I'm back . It's been about a week since my last blog, but well I'm a busy bee over here. So today I'm going to show you where I used to work in California before we moved to Texas. The company is called Art for Kids. I worked there for nine years and truly loved it.

They make honestly the most amazing furniture for baby and kids. They have even made many pieces for teens and adults as well. They also cater to hundreds of Movie Stars. So when I first started I was hires on as an artist. Then after a couple of years I became their art director. I had to train artists, attend trade shows, and many other things. It was such a fun job....I think I already mentioned that.

I haven't mentioned the amazing people behind the company, Gail and Bijon Sedigh.
Gail designs all of the furniture...well actually everything. when you browse their site go to Room inspirations and check out her work. She designed all of those rooms. Bijon her husband, does all the day to day work. This is a little petite chair that is one of Gail's signature pieces.

Below is the type of work I used to do. It's a French toy box with a toile design on it. Pretty. But you have to go to their site and check out everything else, you will truly be amazed.

Ok...I have to go. So much to do today and so little time...yeah that pretty much sums it up.
Thank you for visiting! xoxo Marnie V.

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Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful site. I can imagine how much you enjoyed working there.
That daybed with trundle is so perfect.