Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm Invited!

I haven't mentioned this prior, but I was approached at the Dallas Market in Feb. 08 to have some of my paintings in Southern Living Magazine. I was very excited because this is my first Magazine to be featured in. So the buyer, who was so cute herself, had picked out four of my paintings that she was going to be putting into the magazine.
Then she starts to tell me that these paintings are going to be in the IDEA HOUSE(Taylor Creek) for 2008.
Oh my gosh...I was so excited and I didn't hold back from letting her know. The house that will be seen across the country in their magazine, on the web, and in person. You can actually go see the house and view all of their decorating ideas. They made a modern nursery in the house and that's where my art will be placed.
So I received an invitation to go view the house before they even open it to the public. I can't believe they invited me. The sad thing is I can't go, I have another Dallas Show. But I will be viewing every inch of that magazine when it comes out. I will leave the surprise of what they actually picked. The issue comes out in August.....can't wait.
Well, I am so busy I don't really know where to start today. I had a show last week and am now filling those orders. I opened up some new wholesale accounts and they are new stores...yeah!
So besides painting today, I have many duties to attend to around my house. I just may have to declare national chore day to my children!-Marnie

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