Monday, June 9, 2008

My New Hired Help

It's summer break and I'm still trying to get used to the fact that my boys are home. We always put them on a summer schedule just so they still have a little structure. We all know kids need structure. Schedule meaning....reading time, XBOX only hours of operation, playing outside, and chores. So the in between time when they are wondering what to do, they usually grab out a box of Lego's and start creating.
I have been very busy this past week filling orders and everything that goes along with running a business by yourself. And I love that my boys completely respect when I am busy. They know that after a show mom is only really available for cooking, band aids, laundry, and a prayer at night before bedtime. Well, i do much more also.
So, my 8 year old son Austin created some help for me over the weekend and his name is CB90.
Austin told me that he has programmed him to help me paint, ship, and even poor me a tall glass of cold water when I'm thirsty. He can even hold about 4 paint brushes..Wow. Of course, it's been two days and I honestly haven't seen CB90 do much of anything. But I came into the studio early this morning and found him like this. maybe he is trying to organize my paints...yeah that's it. Austin, you are so creative and I love you for that. Well, it's 7:45 am and I have a busy day. I got up this morning at 5am to get a jump on paperwork and had to box up an order that is being shipped today. I will be out of the studio most of the day today due to me teaching swim class this morning and I promised my boys that I would take them to the library.
I am crossing my fingers to come home later to find CB90 painting up the rest of my orders. I may have to ask Austin to program him for that would be something!
Have a great day-Marnie


avoll79 said...

Hey Marnie it is Amy. CB90 is so cute. Do you think Austin can make me one? He can do my cooking and cleaning...:0) Love your show room maybe I can see it. Well hope all is going well sounds like you are one busy mom/artist. Well don't forget when we come to visit I am free help if you need it. See you all soon....Amy V. :0)

marnie vollenhals said...

Thanks Amy...I might take you up on that help.