Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dallas Show This Week

Busy preparing for a show can be both crazy and exciting at the same time. I am pretty much set on everything needed, except that I am still creating one final new piece. I need to print up more price lists and start thinking about my show specials.
The show starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday, but I will be off to Dallas starting tomorrow to hang up new pieces that I am introducing this week. I will also be stopping by to drop off a project that I have been working on for an Art Dealer. (Just another project that I have taken on in my busy life)
So you ask what my day looks like today, let me tell you.
1. Finish this blog
2. take pictures of new product to get ready to add to the site
3. finish a project that I am working on for a client
4. meeting with a new client
5. back home to create my final piece for the show(at least start it)
6. my boys come home from school(homework, mom get me this..., etc.)
7. I have to teach swimming tonight from 4-7pm.
8. get home to take my 10yr. old to his baseball game that starts at 8pm.
9. home by 10pm. (I think) get boys showered and off to bed
10. sit at the computer to check emails and create a list of items to be done the next day. And then paint some more...of course.
11. Go to bed....time to be determined
Yes, that is my list for today. I will post tomorrow morning some new pieces that I will be launching at the show later this week. Well, I'm off to start my list!
Have a great day.....Marnie

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julie said...

WoW.. what a day you are having!! I wish you a successful show and look forward to seeing your new product. Please note my new blog site. So glad all is well!
Smiles.. julie