Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to Winter...

I was so excited that spring was here and my flowers were starting to bloom. And then Texas got hit with a snow storm. But, my kids were so thrilled to come home from school to see a winter wonderland. Actually, going through their minds were two words flashing, snowballs and fight.
Stepping out was picture perfect with all of the snow that was falling. We received up to five inches or more where we live . That is a lot for North Texas. So as I suspected my kids went straight to building bunkers and snowballs. Here is Ryan shoveling snow and trying to avoid snowballs at the same time.

I however grabbed some of the other kids in the neighborhood to help me build a snowman. This was my first snowman in Texas.

So Proud!

I also took a picture of my dog Hawk playing in the snow....can you see him?
Can't wait for spring to start AGAIN.

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