Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy kids & Busy Work

I have been so busy lately it's crazy. Not just with the business, but my boys schedule as well. I haven't even thought about posting due to such hectic schedules. Between the homework, sports schedules, and my 4th grader who left for camp yesterday, I am exhausted. I didn't even include the fact that I am still painting, shipping, and have been subbing at the swim school due to my co-workers being sick. In which, thankfully I haven't gotten sick yet this year.

So a little heads up on what's go on with J. AUSTIN Ryan. I have another Dallas show coming up at the end of this month that I am trying to get ready for. About eight new pieces will be launched at the show, along with a whole new bunch of stores attending...yeah! New stores meaning that this is an Apparel and Gift show. What's cool is, apparel stores have been adding furniture and decor into their stores lately to make it more of a one stop shop.

I am also involved in a big charity event coming up in May. I am donating two paintings that I need to start soon.....very soon.

I also just recently started working with an Art Dealer/Gallery in Dallas. I will be commissioned to paint custom pieces of modern art for them in which they in turn will sell to designers and other clients as well. I just received a project from them that needs to be done in a couple of weeks. Do you see my list that keeps growing...

One more thing to look out for. On March 17th,
Peekaboo Picks will be featuring my Alpha Tree on her blog,
you have to check it out. She will be posting about all of the items that she purchased for her nursery, I can't wait to see it.

Back to painting...

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