Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Hawk Series

I hope everyone is having a great week and I have to say that today in Texas, the weather is gorgeous! I have been waiting for days like this to come and it's finally here. I am also going to wish everyone an early Happy Valentines Day. Tomorrow I'll be going to Dallas, to the showroom to be exact, and Saturday I promised my husband that I wouldn't work. I also wanted to start showing everyone little spaces in my home that pretty much reflect us, to be point blank. So above is out fireplace that is in our family room. As you can see it's decorated for Valentines, but not with your typical red and pink hearts, mine are multicolored. I have three boys, even though they do love pink. This felt garland was made by me last year and it used to hang in my showroom in Dallas, but I opted to bring it home and I'm glad I did. My boys told me last night how good they thought it looked on out fireplace and after taking this picture, I have to agree.

So on to some news. I am launching today on my ETSY a new series of little wood paintings called " Hello my name is....". They are little pieces of eco friendly wood hung with hemp string and are painted with a character on each. On the back of each one it will say " name is Hawk"(example). They are really cute and each one has special painted patterning, I call it. Their will only be fifteen in the series and I will not be duplicating them. I will introduce two into the shop today and every day more will be added. I also decided to do free shipping on these items since this is a special series...they are really cute. So again have a wonderful Valentines Day with the ones you love. Marnie V.