Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet Buster and Gustav

Can you imagine having these two ever so cute critters living with you, well Christy Marchand can, and they do. Christy, who is an amazing stain glass artist, contacted me about doing an illustration piece of her two little critters. Buster is the skunk, who was a gift from her daughter. And Gustav, actually came in during Hurricane Gustav in you can see where he got his name. I was so excited when Christy contacted me and told me so much detail on their behavior and how they are during a normal day. She even sent me UTUBE footage of them...and that was hilarious. Basically, Gustav the squirrel is the active one and Buster loves to sleep. But Buster definitely loves to be played with with all the photos I saw. This was truly one of my most favorite projects so far. And here it is...Gustav is trying to snatch Busters snack, while he's asleep of course.

5x7" 1/8" thickness
100% recycled canvas board
Needless to say, Christy loves it. And please go check out her work here and her ETSY shop...she is one talented lady! Well...I have a sick kid at home who wants mommy to take a nap with him. Oh... maybe I'll dream up a hurricane coming through Texas which will drop off some cute little squirrel named Henry! Marnie V.

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Kathleen Coy said...

Oh, this is so cute Marnie! What fun to have a pet squirrel and skunk. I wonder what Cloud and Hawk would do if we did???