Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Lovely Painting #6

" Camp Marshmallow "
Size- 8 x 10" with 1/8" thickness

100% recycled canvas board

Here is #6 of my little paintings. It's called " Camp Marshmallow ." The inspiration came from my love of smores and marshmallows. I think Hawk and Henry love them too. I also love the old camper I placed in the background. Here's a little blurb on it-

Hawk the dog and Henry the squirrel are enjoying this bright campfire night. Camp songs, scary stories, and yummy smores, life couldn't be better. Let's hope the family doesn't wake up and really find out how smart their dog is!

Ok...don't forget tomorrow's giveaway. I can't wait to show the #7 painting... it's so cute. Have a wonderful evening. Marnie V.


Kathleen Coy said...

Wow, Marnie! This is great, everything about it looks so cute! I love how you did the background, too. Nice job!!!

I've really enjoyed all your "lovely little paintings." :-)

Vineyard Painter said...

I love this camping scene of the adventures of Hawk!