Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Project You Won't Want To Miss!!!

Have you ever had that space in your home where a tiny piece of art would fit perfectly? Oh wait...I know you have that space in your home somewhere...we all do. It's that little spot you walk by many times wishing for the perfect piece of art to put in it's place. I can tell you that I have many of them actually. And, slowly I've been trying to fill them up with my own art and art from others artists. And I mean affordable great art. It doesn't have to be expensive, just something that catches your taste and style.

So a couple of weeks ago I was determined to tackle one of those spots in my family room. The room where we gather every night and when friends come over, everyone ends up there. It's almost done as far as decorating goes and I've lived in this house for six years now. Well a year ago I created the large abstract on the left, which fits the room and colors well. But the right of it has needed something ever since. My husband, who I constantly tell has no design bones in him, came up with the idea to add little paintings next to it. At first I said no in that I just didn't see it, and him of all people suggesting it. But the more I looked at it, he was right. It needed exactly that.

So I created little pieces of art, little landscapes actually, and they turned out great. You can see that on the right of them I have these wooden open shelves and that's what really made it look like something was missing. The little landscapes are painted on wood that are only 3 1/2"x 3 1/2" big...they are tiny and so cute. The space really came together after I placed them on the wall. And of course...I praised my husband for his good sense of design:).

So with all that..this post brings me to a special project I'm going to create. It's called the "Tiny Small Art Project". Starting this Friday I'll be creating little pieces of art, 5x7" size that will be sold for only $40 to US customers and $50 for International customers. Those prices do include the shipping. I will only be creating 50 tiny pieces of art in this project and each one will be different. The art will include landscapes, still life, and even some abstracts thrown in. I will post pictures of each piece for purchase on my blog and through facebook. It's a first come first serve basis...should be fun. And, if your looking for a perfect gift for someone this holiday season...this would be it. I'm even willing to take custom orders if you want something created and want it to be #5 in the series. I will have all the details Friday afternoon along with the first piece for sale.

How cool would it be to finally fill that spot and have an ORIGINAL piece of art that's in a series of 50...very. Well, I'll be back Friday afternoon...and tell your friends! -Marnie V.

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