Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving Along

These past few weeks have been crazy say the least. Football season will be coming to an end here in the great old state of Texas soon and I'm thankful. I've enjoyed my boys playing of course, but it has definitely taken me away from a lot of my work. I'm still illustrating a book and supplying to my stores as well. I've been so busy that the new art in my brain for the past few months, well, it's still there. In the coming weeks I plan to create some much needed new pieces. I'm leaving you today with a little piece to the book I'm illustrating now. I've created so many monkey's and each one has always been different. I love the expression I created for this one...his mouth is full of bananas. Well I'm off to create and enjoy my 13 yr. old last football game tonight. Have a great day! Marnie V.

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