Monday, May 4, 2009

Bubblegum Love

With the art appreciation sail in full swing, here's another I added to the shop today. It's titled "The Bubblegum Fox" and I really love the colors I chose for this little painting and if you love to it's available here in the shop. My inspiration for this painting came to me last night as my oldest son Jacob was begging me to buy him some bubblegum. You see, he has braces on so his craving for bubblegum that he always chewed in the past is really being missed. I tell him he has a year to go...I'm so mean. And honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he sneaks a few times or more until then. Well, today's post is big and sweet for my role today with this business is packing orders, filing, and being a productive secretary. Have a great day....Marnie V.

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