Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lovely Little Paintings

So I've been pretty busy around my neck of the woods. Between contract work, the line I sell to stores, and the Hawk collection(new term), I am still finding time to sleep.
I've also been creating lovely little paintings for Valentines Day in my ETSY shop, which are pictured above.
And with all of this, I wanted to do something fun for my buyers. I've decided to add a new lovely little painting starting on February 1st-the 7th(everyday)in my shop. And I'll also be featuring it on my blog and giving it's little story behind it. Each painting will reflect Valentines day and the ones we love, hence why I'm calling these lovely little paintings. Each painting will also be available for purchase in the shop....just in case you love it.
The last painting, on February 7th, will be a giveaway painting. I'll post the painting on my blog, and will pick a random winner from the comments a couple days later(Feb. 9th). That way, you can receive your little painting by Valentines Day.
What's really cool, is that these lovely little paintings are going to be one-of-a-kind...Valentine 2009...by me...Marnie V.....so don't miss out! And tell all your friends...


Kathleen Coy said...

Oh, how fun! The little foxes and the hugging squirrels are so sweet!
And thanks Marnie, for the compliment on my mice. I don't think my mice will ever be as cute as yours! :-)

Jill Smith said...

love your paintings, there so fun. Would make me happy one of them coming through my door, l am British and we don't have lovely post boxes like you.

Braidwood said...

These are SO cute and sweet. I hope I win one! I came by from Etsy after seeing the swinging squirrels.

Abi said...

OMG. I just discovered your Etsy shop. The two foxes are ADORABLE!