Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have some GREAT news to share....J.AUSTIN Ryan is going to Los Angelas! Starting in March, my line of art that is sold to stores will be in the THEA SHOWROOM in LA! Owners Brandi and Rebeka also have a showroom in Dallas and that's how we met. Brandi, who is beautiful, fell in love with my line....and I'm just so excited. Excited to have my art in the state where I'm originally from. Did I mention that I'm so excited!!!!
Ok...I'm going to go celebrate some more while I'm painting orders. Have a great day-Marnie V.


Kathleen Coy said...

WooHoo! Congratulations Marnie! :-D

Love the painting too, I haven't seen this one before. It is so cute!

marnie vollenhals said...

Thanks Kathleen! I have a lot of art on my main site and more is coming!