Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Continuing to be Green

My day today starts off with a walk to the local swim school. Wait, who am i kidding. I've been up since 5:30am baking. Yes, baking. We simply try to save money every month on our grocery bill by me baking goodies for school lunches. So this morning I made granola bars and cookies. I guess I'll snap a photo next time.
And after I am done writing this blog, I will be off to teach swimming this morning. And I will be walking there. It is only a quarter of a mile away. Pretty cool. I live in a really cute community where in the middle we have little shops, restaurants, and some doctor offices. But the buildings look like little houses. And the swim school is there also. I work two hours only on the days i go in, and I love it. It helps me prepare for my day. Plus, I love that i am teaching babies and kids something life saving.

I really enjoy how everyone is really trying to green green these days. My husband and I are green in so many ways and actually have been ever since we got married. It must be the California native in us. My Texas neighbors even noticed how thrifty we were when they started to get to know us.
Our house was built to be green also. From energy saving appliances. We even have something in our roof that saves us energy during those hot Texas months. I can go on and on but I have to go...many things to do today. Have a great day. Marnie

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